Wednesday 28 March 2012

Pluto Bento

LT just caught our fever bug. :( He's been feeling warm, with a higher than normal temperature since yesterday, so I kept him with me today. And his temperature just went over the normal range, so I fed him some medicine and he's sleeping now. Hiaz. But he's actually very happy that he does not have to go to School and can stay at home. Hopefully the fever cycle won't last for too many days.

As mentioned yesterday, I did Pluto for today, the cuties version again. I still made bentos for LT, coz I already prepared the decor last night, and he still needed to eat anyway.

IT's bento, in the box are onigiri, salmon, spinach tamago, strawberries and golden kiwi.

LT's bento, same food as above.

IT's bento for recess, in the box are nutella sammies, salmon and blueberries.

LT's bento for School, same food as above except he had strawberry sammies. He had both boxes at home today since he did not go to School.

The boys' boxes for today.

For me, in the box are portobello/pork in miso and spinach tamago.


  1. All of those lunches/snacks look yummy. Now I am hungry!

  2. Super cute Pluto and I love the detailing especially the ears! Hope LT is feeling much better :)

    1. Tks so much, Rina, he's back in School today. :)

  3. I am always smiling looking at your bento and I am always looking forward to ur weekdays bento everyday! hahaha...But this pluto is putting a smile on me!!!


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