Monday 25 May 2015

Dog Pizza

I was busy baking cookies this afternoon, requested by LT, whose birthday is coming soon. He wants to give the cookies to his classmates. I was hoping he won't ask me to bake cookies for his friends as I was lazy to bake so many cookies, and yet I'm happy he still wants me to bake cookies for his friends. Not sure if I even make sense, lol. I'll still be busy baking tomorrow, still not done with the cookies and I've to bake his cake as well.


Wednesday 20 May 2015

Minion Tamago Sushi & Cream Stew

Hello, I'm back again to update my blog, lol. :) I've been lazing around the past two nights after IT's exams ended, he has gotten almost all his papers back. Quite happy with his results so far, his class has been warned by his teachers last year to expect a drop in marks in Primary 5, but it's not as bad as I expected, his results dropped for one subject but he made it up with improvements in another one, so the overall marks will probably be around the same as last year. I just hope he does well enough to remain in his current class next year.


Wednesday 13 May 2015

Bunny Curry Chicken Sandwich

Do you remember the Kaya Banana French Toast I shared last week? I'm going to share another yummy sandwich recipe for today, I've infused some local flavour in this recipe as well. :)

Bunnies bread balls and sandwich filled with curry chicken. This filling is very similar to the ones used in curry puffs. It's not really spicy and kids will have no problem eating this sandwich as well.

Lettuce and shredded cabbage can be added in the sandwich to make it a more balanced meal.

I'm using Gardenia Oats and Honey Loaf for this recipe. This loaf is freshly baked with premium Rolled Oats, Chia Seeds, Honey and Sunflower Seeds to provide a hearty source of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains omega 3, is lower in saturated fat and has naturally no cholesterol. The bread is a lovely shade of brown and it's really soft, almost like white bread.

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I've included the step-by-step photos to create the bunny bread balls, as well as the curry chicken sandwich recipe.

To make bunny bread ball, slice off crust of a slice of Gardenia Oats and Honey Loaf. Set aside bread crust.

Flatten bread using a rolling pin.

Using a knife, make 4 small cuts on the middles of the 4 edges as shown.

Place curry chicken in the middle of the bread, I added in some shredded cheese as well.

Bring the four corners of the bread together.

Wrap and secure the bread using cling wrap. Twist the ends tight and shape into a ball. Leave aside for a while.

Remove cling wrap and place bread balls in baking cups.

Using the cut out bread crust set aside in the first step, cut out two tear drop shape for bunny ears, using a pair of scissors.

Using a knife, cut a long slit on the bread ball so you can slot in the ears.

Slot in the ears at the slit.

Slice 3 oval shape from olives for the eyes and ears. Cut out a straight line from nori for the mouth. Attach on the olives using pasta sticks. Use some mayonnaise to "stick" on the nori.

Use a round cutter to cut out a circle from a darker coloured cheese. Use a heart shaped cutter to cut out circle from a lighter coloured cheese.

Using a pair of scissors, cut out a curved thin line for the bee's eyes, cut out two thicker straight lines for the body.

Place the bee above the bunny's nose. The steps to create the bunny sandwich is similar, you just have to skip the step in making the bread ball.

4 slices Gardenia Oats & Honey Loaf
100g chicken meat, diced
1 large potato, diced and boiled
1 medium sized onion, minced
3 tsp chicken curry powder
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 pieces of lettuce
Handful of shredded cabbage, optional
Handful of shredded cheese, optional

  1. Heat oil and fry onion till soft. 
  2. Add in curry powder, chilli powder and fry gently.
  3. Add in chicken, potatoes, sugar, pepper, salt and cook for 5 minutes. Mix well and set aside to cool.
  4. Assemble lettuce, shredded cabbage, shredded cheese and curry chicken between two slices of Gardenia Oats & Honey Loaf.
  5. IMG_1842

Sunday 10 May 2015

Thor & Iron Man Bento

Happy Mother's Day! We spent our Mother's Day at home. IT's exams start next week, so we spent our weekend revising at home. -_- Preparing the boys for exams has to be one of my least favourite part of parenting. IT's workload this year is crazy, they have so much homework to do everyday, I can't even give him much additional work or do much revision with him earlier.

I did not managed to make any Mother's Day themed bento this year, also missed out on Star Wars and Earth Day bentos as well, I did not plan in advance and ended up with no time to make them at the last minute.

I'm sharing another two Avengers themed bento. This bento is Thor.

This side dishes for this were cheese baked prawns, garlic asparagus and pork bulgogi.

To make Thor, I used rice (coloured using ketchup), egg sheet, cheese, nori and ham. I wrapped a slice of ham using aluminium foil for his helmet. I used The Laughing Cow cheese cube and asparagus for Thor's hammer.

This one is Iron Man, I used red bell pepper, cheese and nori to craft him, I placed the parts on top of rice.

The side dishes for this were broccoli, tamagoyaki, grilled wings and carrots. Iron man has got to be our favourite out of the four Avengers themed bentos, because......

......his mask is removable, lol.

The boys kept playing with his mask before they started eating. They said Tony Stark looks too funny. -_-

Here are the four Avengers themed bentos I made. Which one do you like? If you missed out my post on Captain America and Hulk, you can click HERE to check it out.

My flowers for this Mother's Day. My boys passed me a stalk of carnation and rose bought by my hubby. They said the carnation was from them and the rose was from hubby, lol. I did not get any Mother's Day cards on that day, because I told my boys to make them after the exams are over.

My Mother's Day cards from my boys, which they made after the exams.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Kaya Banana French Toast Chick

For today, I'm going to share a super easy food art recipe, I'm very sure you definitely won't have any problem recreating this. :)

Chicks which I made out of french toast and fruits, it'll probably take you less than a minute to make this chick after your french toast is done. This yummy french toast is not only perfect for breakfast, but also tastes good anytime of the day.

I added a local twist to the classic french toast recipe, I served our french toast with kaya and sliced bananas. Since bananas are sweet, I omit the sugar in my french toast recipe. I also chose a kaya that is not too sweet. Give this combi a try, the flavours go quite well together.

HCM Plus
I'm using Gardenia Hi Calcium Milk Bread Plus for this recipe. This bread is high in calcium to support the development of strong bones and teeth. It is fortified with Vitamin D3 to enhance the absorption of calcium and improve bone strength and enhanced with prebiotics (Inulin) to promote growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system. There is also added benefit of Lutein. So many benefits in this new wholesome loaf!

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  3. Record a video of your creative #Breadfie up to 15 seconds using a mobile device
  4. Share your video with us on Friends of Gardenia Facebook Page. 
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  6. Contest ends on 29 May 2015. More T&Cs @
 Hope you like this recipe. :)


4 slices Gardenia Hi Calcium Milk Bread Plus
2 tbsp butter
1 egg
60ml milk
2 tbsp kaya
2 bananas
4 slices mandarin oranges
1 strawberry
4 blueberries

  1. In a bowl, whisk egg and milk till well combined. 
  2. IMG_1802
  3. Heat up pan with butter, dip each slice of bread in egg and milk mixture until coated on both sides. Put straight into the pan. 
  4. IMG_1803
  5. Cook for around 2 mins on both sides or until it separates easily from the pan. 
  6. IMG_1804
  7. Take a slice of french toast, spread on kaya.
  8. IMG_1835
  9. Slice bananas and place on the bread and cover with another slice of french toast.
  10. IMG_1836
  11. I used 2 blueberries and 2 slices of mandarin oranges for the eyes and beak of the chick.
  12. IMG_1837
  13. Slice strawberry into half, make a "V" cut at the top.
  14. IMG_1838
  15. Assemble the fruits on the french toast.
  16. IMG_1834