Friday 29 July 2011

Pink Pigs Bento

Piggies are one of my favourite character for charaben. They are cute and easy to do. I sprayed on some pink wilton color mist on the bread, for that extra cuteness.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Snack bento for LT

Snack bento for IT

Thursday 28 July 2011

Duffy and Shellie May Bento

The characters for today's bento are Duffy and Shellie May from Disney. But I got the proportion wrong somewhere though, my Duffy and Shellie May onigiri looks quite different from the real Mccoy. We bought home Duffy and Shellie May from our last trip to Disneysea. LT's in love with Duffy and I adore Shellie May, so Daddy got us a pair. Check out some of the pictures after the lunch boxes.

Shellie May for LT

Duffy for IT

IT's snack for school

Duffy store at Disneysea, tokyo

We wanted these, but they were expensive.

So, we settled for these smaller ones. They are pouches, and can be hang around your bag.

Our Duffy at Disneysea

And our Shellie May at Disneysea

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Rilakkuma Bento

It's Rilakkuma for their bentos today. Side for the lunch was menchi katsu and vegetable potato salad.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Side view, to see the side dishes

Snack bento for IT

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Smiley Medal Bento

Made a smiley medal out of egg for them today. The main was stir fry udon. The medal in the picture was from the Standard Chartered Kids Dash. The boys participated in it last year, and they got the medal from the run. It was their first time participating in a run, they enjoyed it so we will be joining again this year.

Snack bento was rice krispies yoghurt bars, IT loves them. I used a heart cookie cutter to cut them out.

Bento for LT

Bento for IT

Snack bento for IT

Monday 25 July 2011

Pikachu n Pokemon Ball Bento

The boys requested for this bento. I was surfing the net for bento ideas, and they happened to see this bento of Pikachu and Pokemon ball. So they asked me to make for them. Pikachu was colored with the rice color sachets. Pokemon ball was made out of cheese, I sprayed on some wilton red color mist on them.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Snack bento for IT, with a pokemon ball

Friday 22 July 2011

Chip and Dale Bento

Got a Chip puncher set together with my Doreamon set. It's my first time using them today. I only bought the Chip puncher set. It's too costly to buy both Chip and Dale, so I can only get one. I'm also eyeing the piglet and stitch set. :)

I imprinted the stamper on the cheese to cut it out, but I stamped a bit too hard, so u can see some imprints on the chesse. Will have to take note next time. 4 bentos for today, as it's the day LT brings a bento to school.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

LT brings this one to school

IT's bento for school

Thursday 21 July 2011

Bunny On Soba Bento

It's cold soba again. It's very hot over here these days. IT is very happy when he has a cold bento for recess. This time I kept the soba in the freezer before he left for school, so it will be very cold when he opens up his thermal container at recess. Made a bunny to decorate the bento.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Recess Bento for IT

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Doraemon and Boys Bento

I bought the Doraemon puncher set from jmama sometime back. It's my first time using them. Something was missing from my Doraemon, I only realized it after I'm done. It's the bell on his neck. I must remember to add it in next time, he looks weird without the bell.

Quails eggs decorated as boys for the snack box. It's Japanese curry meatballs for them in the box. I made a lot of meatballs to store as my bento stash. It helps to speed things up in the kitchen in the morning. All I have to do is to pop them in the fridge to defrost the nite before and glaze them with a sauce in the morning.

Bento for LT

Bento for IT

Snack bento for IT

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Little Boy Bento

Ham and cheese sandwiches for the boys, it's a good way to make use of the leftover cheese. I always keep the cheese cut outs for the week and use them for their sandwiches.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Snack box for IT

Monday 18 July 2011

My Melody

I am very happy the boys are not fussy about bento themes, it's a lot less restrictive for me. In fact, My Melody is one of LT's favourite character. IT does not fancy Melody but he does not mind having her in his bento.

Bento for LT

Bento for IT

Snack box for IT, cutie picks are a fast way to beautify the bento

Friday 15 July 2011

Piggies Bread Ball

Piggies Bread ball for today, done same way as the bear bread balls sometimes back. This time I used white bread, instead of wholemeal. IT loves bringing lunchboxes to school, he has been bugging me to let him bring everyday. But I managed to persuade him to just stick to once a week.

Bento for LT

Bento for IT, bigger portion for him, as I am only giving him fruits for recess today.

This one is for LT

Just fruits for IT today. It's fruit day for IT at school every friday, so I will always make sure there is fruits in his snack box on friday.

Thursday 14 July 2011

Mouse on soba

It's cold soba for the boys again. It's one of their favourite japanese noodles. Their favourite is Ramen. I kept their lunch bento in the fridge and only took out before their lunch. The one IT brings to school was packed in a thermal flask.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

IT's cold soba for school, it was still cold at recess

Wednesday 13 July 2011


I've been wanting to get a small capacity double tier lunch box for them. That's because everytime I packed noodles, their normal lunch box is too small, I ended up with not much space for the sides and fruits. I found these pretty lunchboxes at Sanrio, sugar bunnies for LT, he likes them. IT does not like girly stuff, but he's ok with little twin star, coz there's a boy.

Stir fried Udon for them today for lunch. I cooked some miso udon for IT to bring to school. I packed it in a thermal flask for him and it was still warm at recess.

IT's bento, he's ok with this coz there's a boy on the lunch box.

LT's bento

IT's bento for recess. This one is slightly more filling than his usual snack bento.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

The Green Pig from Angry Birds

Remember my angry birds bento during the holidays? This one is a continuation, the boys have been asking me where is the green pig. So boys, here is the green pigs. They love it but they asked me why dun I make King pig, all I hv to do is to add in a crown. Oh well, next time, I need to shop for a crown pick first. Snack was a nutella sandwich again, IT loves nutella but LT does not likes it. This time it's a bear, details drawn on with chocolate pen.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Snack bento for IT