Friday 28 September 2012

Mid-Autumn Bento

Mid-Autumn festival falls on this Sunday. I've made the bentos in advance today, since I do not make bentos or cook over the weekends. :)

Sorry, I'm too excited, so I just have to share some new sponsored tools before I go on to the bentos. I will try them out in the following weeks. :)

CuteZCute sponsored this super cute food deco cutter kit! :)

And 2 sets of punchers sponsored by Lunch Punch. Love the designs. :)

For the lunch bentos, I made little boys holding on to bunny lanterns, if you can't tell what it is, lol. :) The boys are made from brown rice. And the bunny is made from quail eggs and ham.

The boys also had panko chicken, broccoli (hidden under the bunny) and strawberries for lunch. :)

For School, it's little girls carrying bunny lanterns instead. :)

The boys had jam sandwiches, panko chicken and grapes for snack.

My dinner yesterday, korean seafood pancakes, cheese meatballs and greens. I've been making meatballs almost every week, a great way to clear my cheese cut outs. They also freeze very well and are great as bento stash.

Packed a lunchbox for myself using whatever's left after packing the boys' bentos. :)

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Thursday 27 September 2012

Rilakkuma Bento

Do you like Rilakkuma? I do! It's one of my favourite character, and I like making him for bentos, not too difficult to do and always cute. :)

Bento Berries kindly sponsored a pack of Rilakkuma picks for my usage. Please check out Bento Berries for other nice bento boxes and accessories. :)

This is the pack of picks I received from Bento Berries. I'm sure no Rilakkuma fan can resist this, lol. Cuteness overload! :)

There are 8 picks in a pack.

I copied this from a Rilakkuma graphic I found online yesterday. :) Rilakkuma is white short grained rice mixed with a bit of dark soya sauce. Korilakkuma is made from the white portion of kamaboko and Kiiroitori is made from quail egg.

For lunch, the boys also had teriyaki chicken, broccoli, grapes and strawberries. The four leaf clover pick Rilakkuma is holding is part of the honey and flower picks set, available at Bento Berries too.

Rilakkuma sandwiches, teriyaki chicken and grapes for the boys' snacktime in School.

Rilakkuma sandwich is done with the Panda sandwich mould, available at Bento Berries too. :)

My dinner, pineapple fried rice and thai grilled chicken. :)

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Wednesday 26 September 2012

FunBites Ice Cream Bento

I did a review on the FunBites Cube It before, please check out the review HERE if you missed it. :) FunBites sent over their other cutter, Luv It for me to try out. :)

Here's the Luv It cutter, works the same way as the Cube It, so I won't be reviewing it again, I'll share the lunch and snack I made using this. :) It was really fast and easy to make today's bentos, with the help of the Luv It.

Ice cream buddies, for the boys' lunch. I used the Luv It to cut out the cheese. :)

For lunch, the boys also had multi-grained rice, broccoli, tonkatsu and strawberries. :)

Jam sandwiches, cut using Luv It. I added cupcake sprinkles for the small hearts.

The boys also had tonkatsu and grapes for snack.

My dinner last evening, fish soup, tonkatsu and salad.

Tonkatsu for lunch today. Tried a new way to cook it, instead of pounding pork loin like I usually do, I stacked 4 to 5 layers of shabu shabu pork collar instead. The verdict? I can't decide which version I prefer, lol.

FunBites accidentally sent me a Cube It, since I already have one, I'm giving this one away. However, please note that it does not comes with packaging. I will mail it out to the first person who comment on this post with their email. Please note that I will only be sending to a Singapore address, due to shipping cost. My apologies to my overseas readers, I will try to make it international whenever I can. :)

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