Thursday 28 February 2013

Lorax and Barbaloot Bento

It's Dr Seuss's birthday on 2nd of March. I'm sure this famous children's author needs no introduction. I remembered reading his books when I was young. And my boys know a few of his classics ones as well. I chose to make Lorax in celebration of his birthday, because I had actually wanted to make it around a year ago when the Lorax movie came out but somehow it was not done.

Here's Lorax, with Barbaloots and truffula trees. Truffula trees are made from coloured rice and strawberry love letters. Initial idea was to make the trees stems out of cheese and nori, but as I was starting on my bentos this morning, I spotted a jar of strawberry love letters lying in front of me, so I thought I'll just use them instead and save myself the trouble of cutting out nori and cheese. -_-

Lorax is made out of cheese and nori. Barbaloots are made from bread and nori. Pink rice was coloured with sakura denbu, my boys used to hate this, but I noticed they did not seemed to mind when I used it in my heart shaped sushi a while back. Yellow rice is coloured with egg yolk and a bit of tumeric.

Lorax is standing on fried chicken, and there's broccoli on the sides.

Lorax sandwiches for my boys' snacks later in the day. These are ham and cheese sandwiches. These are pumpkin bread, I sprayed the bottom layer with a bit of Wilton orange mist.

I had wanted to add the words 'unless' below Lorax on the earlier lunch, but I was rushing out to fetch LT from School, so had to add the words in these snack bentos done later in the day instead.

Bento Bloggers & Friends and BentoUSA are both having a linky party in celebration of Dr Seuss's birthday, hop over to link up if you have a Seuss bento to share. Or you can hop over to get lots of Seuss lunch ideas too. :)

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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Trudeau Fuel Giveaway

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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Noodle Hair Girl Bento

I've wanted to try out using noodles as hair in charabens long ago, but somehow I did not get to it till now.

Made these girls for my boys' lunch. Girls are made from brown rice, purple wheat noodles, nori, and decor gel.

They had meatballs, broccoli and strawberries by the side.

The bows on the girls' hair are bow pasta.

Made this easier version for my boys' snacks yesterday.

These are ham sandwiches, topped with instant noodles. There's also some grapes in the box.

And a bento for me too, filled with meatballs, tomatoes, sweet peas and radish.

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Bear & Crab at Beach Bento

I made bears chilling by the beach for my boys' lunch last Friday. I've quite a lot of picks that I've never used before, so I dug out some of my collection for the bentos. :P

Bears are made from meat patties, cheese and nori. :)

Pasta is done aglio olio style with garlic and salt. There's also broccoli and carrots in the box.

Crabs are made from sausages, they are very easy to make, I did a tutorial on how to make them at the end of this post. :)

Did this very simple snack for my boys yesterday. Trees are pandan bread cut out with a cutter.

I did a sausage crab tutorial before, this is an even easier version. :)

Cut a cross on sausage before you boil them.

Boil sausages. Next, cut 2 circles from kamaboko (fish cake) using a round cutter. You can also use straw for this.

Attach on the parts using fried pasta. I just fry the pasta in a little oil, so it's crispy.

I used this puncher to punch out nori for the crab's eyes.

Ta-dah, it's done, easy right? :)

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Monday 25 February 2013

Piggy Bento

It's been a while since I last made piggies. They are one of my favourite animal characters for bentos. :)

Made these piggies onigiri last week. Piggies are made from ham, nori and dotted with pink decor gel.

Box is packed with seaweed cheese pork rolls, broccoli and strawberries.

Similar piggies for their snack bentos.

There's jam sandwiches, nori cheese pork rolls and grapes for their snacks.

I had similar food, added tomatoes and sweet peas for minel.

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