Friday 30 September 2011

Bunnies Bento

I wanted to make pink bunnies today, but I did not have enough pink coloring in the packet to color my batch of rice. So I thought I'll just use a bit of red, and they'll turn out pink. Disaster! That did not work and I ended up with unevenly colored orangy red rice. :( Duh, me and my 'genius' idea. :( I should have just left them white, coz I made one of them from bread and that turned out the nicest.

IT's bento for recess, in the box are bread ball with pork floss, breadcrumbs coated meatballs, grapes and jellybeans.

IT's lunch bento, in the box are rice, breadcrumbs coated meatballs, jellybeans and golden kiwi.

LT's lunch bento, same items as IT's lunch.

LT's bento for school, in the box are rice, breadcrumb coated meatballs, jellybeans and grapes.

LT is bringing a bento to school today, so there 4 bentos for today. :)

Mummy's having korean spicy squid and ham/cheese omelette. This spicy squid is a good alternative to sambal squid when I'm lazy to grind the spices. :P

Thursday 29 September 2011

Pikachu Onigiri Tutorial

This is a tutorial for the Pikachu bento I posted on Monday. Please note that I'm using mixed grain rice and cheese in this tutorial, instead of sushi rice and egg sheet. If you are doing it, I suggest you try with sushi rice instead, and make the onigiri smaller as cheese is thicker than egg sheet.

First, shape your rice. You can use a rice mold if you have one.

If you do not have a rice mold, you can use a cling wrap to shape the rice.

Cut out a slice of seaweed to wrap round the rice.

Use the seaweed as a guide to cut out a slice of cheese.

Wrap them around your onigiris.

Punch out 2 circles for Pikachu's cheeks. You can also use a straw to do this.

Then, cut out 2 circles with a round cutter, this is for the pokemon ball. You'll understand in a while why I skipped to this step.

Cut off abt 1/3 of the circle.

And that's why I am doing the pokemon ball first, so they can be colored with Pikachu's cheeks. I use Wilton color mist for this, you can also rub on some red coloring. Then leave them in the fridge while you move on to the next step.

I'm using the yellow puncher to get pikachu's mouth, and the green puncher to get his eyes.

Punch out the nori and add them on the cheese.

Assemble back the pokemon ball.

Cut out a strip of nori and add on the ball.

Using a straw, cut out a small circle for the pokemon ball. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic for the next step. You have to punch out a small circle from nori and add on the cheese circle.

Cut out pikachu's ears using a toothpick. If you are using egg sheets, you can fold the egg sheet in half and use a scissor to cut it out instead.

Add on the ears.

Cut out some triangles from nori and add to the tips of Pikachu's ears. You can also cut some rice to add on his eyes. :))

Angry Birds Bento

For the bento today, I actually pre-cut the cheese yesterday evening, coz I was worried I might not have enough time to do up the bento this morning. And it was a great idea, because I finished up the bentos really fast this morning. :) I asked the boys to choose the angry birds they wanted, had to limit their choices though, coz I do not want to make so many of those birds. :P

IT's bento, in the box are mix sandwiches(jam/ham/cheese/nutella), ngoh hiang and orange.

LT's bento, same items as IT's, except he gets grapes, instead of orange.

IT's bento, in the box are mix sandwiches and fishballs. Does it look like the angry bird guarding the eggs here? :)

And that's their bentos for today. I only realised I forgot the "circle" on top of black bird's head, after I'm done with the bento. So I just left it, must remember to add in when I make next time.

My lunch for today, in the box are chicken with baked beans and scallop/corn/asparagus in XO sauce.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Doraemon Bento

If you remembered, I mentioned in an earlier post that I prepared egg sheets, as I am planning to make a Doraemon bento this week. But I did not use them today for my bento, my younger one does not fancy eggs and he keeps telling me not to use the egg sheets for his bento. :( So, I took out some cheese and colored them instead, and he's happy.

IT's bento, with fried salmon drizzled with soy sauce and orange.

LT's bento, with salmon and strawberries. He does not like orange.

IT's bento for school, with peanut butter sammy, orange and grapes.

The bentos I made today. :)

My lunch for today is broccoli stir fried with beancurds and five spice meatballs. It's so good, I can just eat it on it's own. This is one of my favourite meatballs recipe, check it out at Rasa Malaysia.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Hello Kitty/ Rilakkuma / Pikachu Bento

Hahaha, I know those 3 characters do not go together, but I've them all in my bento today. The reason is coz of the cutter I am using, I got it from Daiso. However, I can't take credit for this beautiful idea, I copied it from a Japanese site. :) I fell in love with it when I saw it quite sometime ago, and went to buy the cutter. But I was lazy to work on it till now. :)

LT's bento, with ham/cheese sandwich, fried pork nuggets, golden kiwi, strawberries, blueberries.

IT's bento, same items as above.

IT's bento for recess, with nutella sandwich. If you noticed, I put a cap pick to make it Dear Daniel, instead of Hello Kitty. Hehe, I do not want him to get teased in school.

A pic of their bentos this morning. :)

And this is the cutter that I used.

My lunchie for today, broccoli/oyster mushrooms stir fry and fried pork nuggets.

Items used in the bentos:

Monday 26 September 2011

Pikachu Bento

I finally dropped by Daiso last night, but there was nothing new at the bento section, so I did not buy anything from there. I ended up buying some pretty plates instead. :)

The bento for today is Pikachu, made out of egg sheets. I am planning to make Doreamon this week, so I made some blue/red/yellow egg sheets yesterday and kept them in the freezer. I was wondering what other characters I can make with the balanced egg sheets and Pikachu came to mind, so it's Pokemon theme bentos for today. :) The Pokemon ball is made out of cheese and nori, red portion was sprayed on with Wilton color mist.

LT's bento, with furikake onigiris and nuggets. I put his fruits in another bowl, coz there was not enough space. I need a bigger lunch box!

IT's bento, with furikake onigiris, nuggets and golden kiwi. There's a tear on the egg sheet. :(

IT's bento for recess, with furikake onigiris and nuggets. I'm out of filler items, my fridge is quite empty, so I stuffed some wax paper at the side instead. :P

Friday 23 September 2011

Stitch Bento

IT's going on an excursion with his school today to Singapore Discovery Centre. He's really looking forward to the trip, I hope he will have fun there! :) We have never been there before, so we are waiting to fetch him, so that he can tell us all about the place. I packed a bigger bento for him for school today, as there will be no need for him to rush and finish his food so that he can play. I also gave him an extra box of biscuits to share with his friends. :)

Today Stitch theme was requested by LT, he saw Stitch preview on TV this week and he's been bugging me to make him a Stitch bento. I actually have the Stitch puncher set but I did not use them today, as I prefer a cuter version of Stitch. LT loves it, but IT says he wants a fierce looking Stitch. My boy, if I had known, I would have used the puncher and save myself the trouble. I will make a fierce Stitch the next time.

IT's bento for school, in the box are chicken nuggets, ham/egg sandwich, orange and potato chips! :))

LT's bento, to be eaten at home, in the box are jam sandwich, chicken nuggets, orange and potato chips.

LT's bento for school, in the box are ham/cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets and grapes.

IT's bento, to be eaten at home, in the box are ham/cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets and orange.

My mapo tofo, with extra dose of szechuan peppercorns. :)

Happy weekends everyone! :)