Wednesday 31 October 2012

Pumpkin Rilakkuma Bento

I saw a Rilakkuma pumpkin soft toy online a while back, and thought the idea was perfect for a Halloween themed bento. This marks the end of my Halloween series this year, it's been fun making them. :)

Korilakkuma pumpkin decor for the boys' lunch. It's actually rather fast making the decor because I used cutters. A bear cutter, pumpkin cutter and an oval cutter were used. I had wanted to do a tutorial but I was too busy today.

Lunch today is mutli grained rice, broccoli, chicken seaweed rolls and strawberries.

Rilakkuma pumpkin to decorate the snack boxes.

The boxes are packed with ham and cheese sandwiches and strawberries.
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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Halloween Monster Bento

I actually have a few more bento ideas for Halloween, but I think I'm making the last one tomorrow, on Halloween. I will keep the rest of the ideas for next year.

Monsters in the boys' bentos today. The rice is mixed with a bit of dark soya sauce. Seaweed, cheese, peas and ham are used for the features. Ghosts are made from quail eggs.

There's also teriyaki chicken, broccoli and strawberries in the boys' lunch boxes. :)

Pandan bread balls monsters, teriyaki chicken and grapes in their snack boxes.

Got these zombie hands from a pick exchange, they are so cool! :)

The extra teriyaki chicken and rice went in my bento. :)

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Monday 29 October 2012

Angry Bird Halloween Bento

A piece of good news to share. Bento Berries is having a very attractive bento giveaway the stuff are really kawaii. I'm sharing here so that I can join the giveaway, lol. :P And also to inform you to join in too. :) Remember to check it out, it's open to all countries. :)

The bentos today were requested by my boys. They showed me Angry Birds Halloween and asked whether I could do something similar. :)

Angry Birds are fishcake my mum bought for my boys from the market. Lol, I've wanted to use them for some time, save me the trouble of making the Angry Birds. :P Pigs are made from pandan bread, cheese and wrap.

Their lunch boxes are packed with multi-grained rice, broccoli, teriyaki meatballs and grapes.

Similar decor for their snack boxes. :P The cheese broke as I was cutting it out. :(

I packed black glutinuous bread, teriyaki meatball and grapes for the snack box.

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Thursday 25 October 2012

Suzy's Zoo Boof Bento

There's no School tomorrow so I am not packing any bentos. I'll be back next Monday with Halloween bentos again. :P And it's the last day of exams for IT today. Yay!!! :)

The character for today's bentos is Boof, the bear from Suzy's Zoo. :) I've always wanted to make him, but somehow I kept pushing him down my list of to-do list, lol.

Bears are made from rice mixed with a bit of dark soya sauce. I like to use dark soya sauce because it does not alter the taste of the rice, unlike ketchup. IT hates having ketchup rice, LT love it though.

The box is also packed with broccoli, cheesy meatballs, grapes and strawberries. I cook pork ragout last night, and kept some of the sauce for the meatballs today. :P

Bread version of Boof. Pocket sandwiches are done with panda sandwich press.

Snack boxes are also filled with cheesy meatballs and strawberries.

Happy long weekends to those who are off tomorrow too. :)
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