Wednesday 31 August 2011

Sausage Bunnies Bento

It was school holiday for the past 2 days, we brought the boys out, so I din make a bento. It's a short school week this week. It's half day for IT tomorrow, and both boys have no school on friday.

The bunnies on the onigiri were made out of sausage balls. I had a hard time looking for these sausage balls, just when I decided to give up searching, I chanced upon a stall selling them. :) Din have space for fruits in their box, so I've put them in a separate bowl, not shown in the pics.

Bento for IT

Bento for LT

Pancakes cut out with cookie cutter and stacked on in snack box, maple syrup in container, for IT's recess.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Teacher's Day Cards

Ok, this is not a bento related post. The boys did some teacher's day card for their teachers. This year, I came up with this easy idea, just decorating the front with stamping, and then the boys can draw and write their message inside.

The materials, I did the flags in advance for them, using washi tape and fabric tape.

The boys decorated the front of the card by stamping.

LT working on his card.

LT drawing his teacher and him. :) He still can't write very well, so I held his hand and wrote together with him.

IT working on his card.

My boy has grown up. This is the first time IT writes his own message to his teachers, without any help from me. I like it, coz it truely came from his heart. :)

IT finishing it off with a drawing.

Saturday 27 August 2011

New Bento Tools

I just received the bento tools I've ordered online recently, can't wait to use them! :) New nori punchers, picks, wax paper and sauce containers. I will have to go slow on my bento related purchases after this batch of orders. :P

Stitch and Piglet nori punchers set, wax paper and rilakkuma picks, ordered from Jmama

Various sauce containers! These were from Bentocraft

Friday 26 August 2011

Pink Piggies Bento

The Presidential Elections for our country is going to be held tomorrow. IT's school is the polling centre, hence they have no school today. Yes, Again! He has been having a lot of offs this year, LT who is in kindy, has to go to school more often than him.

There's going to be quite a few holidays next week as well, and thereafter, they will be having a week of school holidays. So, I'll be slowing down with the bento making.

Bento for today is piggies rice balls, as requested by LT. He loves piggies and coincidentally, he is also born in the year of the pig. He has 2 bentos today, coz it's the day he's bringing a lunch box to school. I made IT a snack box to eat with LT when he's back, no lunch bento for him today, as he'll be having lunch with me outside.

Lunch Bento for LT, to be eaten after school

Bento for LT, to bring to school

Snack box for IT, love the panda picks! :)

Items used in the bentos:

Thursday 25 August 2011

Inarizushi Bears Bento

I used inarizushi sushi for the bentos today, and decorated them as a pair of bears. The side behind is fried Ngoh Hiang, minced meat wrapped in beancurd skin. IT liked the croissant yesterday, I still have one left over, so I made one for him to bring for recess. This time it's stuffed with shaved virginia ham and sliced block cheddar, made a piggy out of weiner to decorate. I tot he looks like he is in a gigantic swimming float. hehe. :)

IT's lunch

LT's lunch

IT's bento for recess

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Bathing Bear Bento

This is the first time I make a Charaben for dinner. I saw this bathing bear bento sometime back on a jap blog, had wanted to try out but din have the opportunity. Daddy's not home for dinner today, and that is the time when I will cook a one dish meal for dinner. It's also usually a beef dish, that is coz Daddy does not fancy beef, so I hardly cook it when he's around. So, here's presenting our no fuss dinner for tonight, Japanese beef curry with potatoes and carrots.

IT's bear bathing in curry

And here's LT's bear taking a soak.

Peeping Bear Croissant Bento

IT kept waking up in the middle of the nite and I could not sleep well. I overslept in the morning and woke up much later than usual. It's a relief that I am just planning to make a simple croissant for them. I quickly cook their breakfast and stuff the croissants with shaved ham and sliced block cheddar. Then, I just toasted them for a short while.

I had wanted to just decorate the croissant with picks, but I still had some time left after I'm done with the preparations, so I made a speedy cheese bear to decorate the bento. I'm sure many have seen these peeping bears before, they are a fast way to decorate your bento. I stacked them on ham as the cheese are too soft.

LT's lunch box

IT's lunch box

IT's snack box for school

Tuesday 23 August 2011

White Bunnies Bento

While clearing out my freezer yesterday, I realised I still have a pack of unused kamaboko. I decided to cut it up, and defrost one portion for my bento today. I found this bunny idea from a jap site, the head and body are cut out by the same bunny cutter. Clever idea.

I dun usually serve IT rice for his snack box in school, I'm worried he'll take ages to eat it. But this time, I decided to give it a try, by just packing him a small portion. He told me he took longer than the usual but still finished quite fast. Phew. :)

Bento for IT

LT's Bento

IT's snack box

Monday 22 August 2011

Angry Birds' King Pig Bento

I made a green pig bento sometime back, the boys asked me to add a crown then, so that he can become king pig. I finally got the crown picks, thanks to the bento seller Jmama, who kindly helped me to search for them. The original crown pick that I was looking for is no longer in production, so I had to settle for these transparent ones instead.

I din have much time for the snack box, so I just jazz them up with some cute picks. :)

Bento for LT, can u spot the transparent yellow crown?

Bento for IT, try spotting the yellow crown again

Snack box for IT, rice krispies yoghurt bars

I bought an angry birds toy set for the boys, very cool set, where they can play angry birds in real life. They love it and it's now their favourite toy, for the time
setting up

stacking up

the launcher

the gang

the boys and their favourite toy for now

Oh, and if you have the below set of picks to sell away, please contact me. I dun mind preloved ones, if they are in good condition. :)

(photo taken off photobucket, user:hawaiixshinobi)

Items used today:

Friday 19 August 2011

Bunny Bento

Due to the PSLE oral I mentioned in my previous post, IT has no school today. He will be having lunch with me today, we will be having Korean food. We are going to Ju Shing Jung, a korean BBQ restaurant. I am craving for some beef ribs soup, and IT will be having their cold noodles. I made him a snack bento to eat after we pick up LT.

LT has 2 bentos today, as he is bringing a bento to school. The pink color on the bread is sprayed on with Wilton color mist. Really easy to use when u want to add some color to ur bentos.

Lunch Bento for LT

LT's bento for school

Snack bento for IT

Thursday 18 August 2011

Little Girl Bento

It's PSLE oral today and tomorrow, IT has no school as the P1s to P5s need not go to school. I only made a bento for LT, a super fast one today, chicken fried rice, LT loves chicken. And I decorated a cheese as a little gal to decorate his bento.

IT will be having lunch with me, I intend to bring him to the sashimi restaurant for lunch. Looking forward to spending some one-to-one time with him. I still have a lot of time left after I'm done with LT's bento, so I decided to make IT a fruit box. He can eat it after we fetch LT home.

Bento for LT

IT's fruit box

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Penguins Bento

Still in the theme of penguins, coz they are so cute! Trying out a different layout and arrangement today, I love it! The flag picks are washi tape on wooden toothpicks. The newspaper print paper are wax paper. Aren't they lovely?

Snack box contains nutella sandwiches sealed with a sandwich sealer. I din have time to decorate these, so that's when my cutie picks come in handy. :)

Bento for LT

Bento for IT

Snack bento for IT

Items used for today: