Friday 31 August 2012

Panda Bento

IT had to report early today, so I was up at 6 to prepare his breakfast and snack box for School. No intention to make any charabens, since my brain can't function so early in the morning. :P I was too busy wrapping Teacher's Day pressies with the boys last night and did not have time to prepare any decor in advance. So, it's a really quick fix this morning. Yay for tools and picks! :)

Tried out my new Panda sandwich mould today. Details are filled in with chocolate. :) I bought this mould with the intention of making a bear, hee. :) All things for Sale are sponsoring something similar, a bear outline cutter with diff animal features cutters. It looks really great, can't wait for it to arrive, so I can share about it. :)

I packed salmon mayo sandwich, tonkatsu and strawberries for their lunch. Tonkatsu sauce in the panda container at the back.

This is LT's snack box, but it's the exact stuff for IT's one too. I took a picture of both boxes with flash before the sun came out, it looked horrific, so I decided not to share it. -_- I packed ham and cheese kebabs, cut using FunBites CubeiT, tonkatsu and grapes.

Since I was already up, I cooked my lunch as well, everything was all packed by 7.30 am. Yawns, I'm normally still in bed at that timing, lol. :) It's the exact stuff I had for dinner last night as well, mutli-grained rice, tonkatsu, ebikko stuffed prawns and greens. I kept a portion of the prepared raw ingredients from last night and cook them this morning instead.

I just had to take a close up of the ebikko. It's really yummy and very easy to do. Just mix Japanese mayo with ebikko, stuff in prawns and add a slice of cheese, then bake the prawns in the oven. You can substitute with mentaiko or tobikko if you prefer. :)

Teacher's Day cards I made with the boys during the National Day School holiday. They wrote their own messages and drew on the inside of the card. Pressies were store bought.

There's no School next week, I'll take a break and do my year end holiday planning instead. Might do some baking. Will be back again with bentos after the one week break. :)

Items used in today's bentos:

Thursday 30 August 2012

Trudeau Fuel Sandwich Box Giveaway (Closed)

Trudeau Corp has kindly sponsored a sandwich box for giveaway.

I've thrown in some cupcake picks that you can use for your bentos as well. I'm opening this giveaway to wherever Singapore post can deliver to. :)

To enter this giveaway, simply post a comment below with your email by next Thursday, 30 August, 2012. Please ensure that your email is correct, as I will be contacting you via email should you win. Increase your chances of winning by sharing this giveaway via twitter, facebook or on your blog. Be sure to come back and post a link to your tweet/facebook/blog post as a new comment to earn that extra entry. :)

The winner will be picked randomly, and it will be announced on Friday, 31 August, 2012. So, please check back this post for the winner then. :)


The number picked by the random number generator is 46 and comment 46 belongs to Maja! Yay, congrats, I have already sent you an email. :)

Gaspard et Lisa Bento

Something I've always wanted to make, Gaspard et Lisa bento. I see them quite often at Japanese bento sites and books. :)

For lunch, the boys had salmon bread cups, with fried chicken and grapes. :)

Hee, not exactly a bento box today, I'm using a baking dish. :P

The usual sandwich for the boys' snack boxes.

They also had fried chicken and strawberries.

This was my dinner, ee fu noodles with fried chicken and grapes.

I kept a huge bowl of the noodles for my lunch today, lol

I'm off to fetch IT after this post, he's knocking off early from School today. And he has to report very early for School tomorrow, just for 3 hours, so we will be off to shop while LT is at School. Yay! :)

I will close the Trudeau Fuel sandwich box after today, so if you would like to take part, please leave your name soon. Thank you for participating and good luck. :)

Stuff used for today's bentos:

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Crocodile Bento

Another animal bento, this time it's crocodiles. :)

Crocodile is cut out from spinach bread, with cheese and nori details.

The lunch also includes asparagus, meatballs, fish fillet and strawberries.

I copied this crocodile bread roll idea from my talented bento friend's creation on facebook. But hers look much nicer! I think my crocodile rolls are too fat.

The boys had jam bread rolls, fish and grapes for snacks. :)

My lunch, just packed the extra food left after packing the boys' boxes. And I added some extra greens in mine. :)

Two more days to go before the one week break! Daddy just came back from a work trip to Taiwan, and he agreed on my suggestion to go 'Bento Ville' at the end of the year. Yay! I got to quickly settle the tickets before he change his mind, lol. :P

Items used in the bentos:

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Bunny Bento

My internet was giving me problem the whole afternoon, it's extremely slow and I could not upload any photos. -_-  It's finally back to normal now.

I made bunnies today, out of bread and onigiri. I also managed to do a tutorial on the bread version in the afternoon. :)

Bunnies onigiri, the ears and limbs are fish sausage.

The boys also had beef rolls, soya sauce chicken, strawberries and grapes. It's not chicken yakitori, I just stir fried the chicken and then thread them on the stick for easy eating. :P

And the bread roll version of the bunnies, using my very precious stash of pink bread, lol. :)

I also packed soya sauce chicken and grapes for their snack boxes. :)

My dinner last night, beef rolls and greens. :)

My lunch today, beef rolls again with greens. Lol, no prize for guessing I love beef roll. :P Did you spot the details on the nori? I bought 2 borders punchers last week, and this is one of the design. :)

My tutorial for the bread roll bunnies are done using multi-grained bread instead. :)

Slice off the crust and keep them aside first.

Spread with whatever filling you like. I spread mine with peanut butter and jam. Do not spread the fillings at the edges.

Roll up the bread and wrap with cling wrap for a few minutes so it'll hold better. I usually do not flatten my bread before rolling because I like the puffy look. But if your bread keeps breaking after rolling, you can flatten them first.

I used this cutter to cut out the ears.

And this cutter for the nose.

Or you can use fish sausage, ham or sausage to cut the ears and nose instead. The ones in my bentos are fish sausage.

Slice the bread roll in half and attach on the ears and nose with pasta.

I used this puncher for the eyes and nose.

I dotted decor gel for their cheeks, you can use tomato sauce, jam, if you like. :)

These bunnies went into my tummy for tea. :)
Items used for the bentos: