Wednesday 29 July 2015

Gudetama Sushi & Sandwich

More Gudetama food art to share in this post, he's one of my favourite characters to craft, because he is so easy to make. I don't have anymore Gudetama creations in my archive after this post, but I'm quite sure it won't be too long before make him again, lol.

First up, I've Gudetama tamago sushi and Gudetama pudding.

These sushi were made with just tamago and nori. My boys love sushi and sashimi, because they get to dip them in soy sauce, lol. -_-

Gudetama milk pudding with peach, I used melted chocolate to draw in the features for Gudetama.

Gudetama egg sandwich, which I made for my brunch just this Monday.

You can refer to my post here on how to make Gudetama. The difference is this time I used mashed potatoes mixed with egg yolk, instead of mashed pumpkin. And the egg was placed on bread, instead of rice.

I was taking pictures of my brunch, when LT came running over and said he wanted to be my hand model, which means he wants his hands to be in the photo. I usually make my food art in the afternoon when he's at school, so he's a little upset it's always IT's hands in the photos, lol.

And here's an uncropped photo I had to share because I found it cute, just look at LT's tummy, and he's still hugging onto his bolster, lol. Shhh...... don't tell him I shared this photo, or he'll tell me to remove it.

Monday 27 July 2015

Ron Weasley & Rubeus Hagrid

It's a school holiday today, which I was not aware of till my boys mentioned about it last saturday. I had to double check the calendar to confirm they were right. -_-  Just as well, definitely don't mind a shorter school week, so I get one more day to get up later, lol.

I'm sharing the rest of my Harry Potter series for today. After making Harry Potter and Hermione Granger earlier, I continued with Ron Weasley next. I made Ron Weasley with Scabbers and his broken wand.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that this Ron Weasley food art is slightly different from the one I shared there. The stripes on the scarf was not placed properly on that one, and I did not noticed until I uploaded the photos, so I remake it again.

Ingredients used to make Ron Weasley were rice(coloured with ketchup), pasta(colored with ketchup), nori, cheese, red bell pepper and ham.

Lastly, I decided to make Rubeus Hagrid as well. My initial idea was to make Hagrid and Fang, but halfway through, Fang did not turn out well, so I ditched the idea and replaced it with Hagrid's umbrella instead.

Ingredients used for Hagrid were rice(coloured using ketchup), charcoal noodles, nori, cheese, red bell peppers and abura-age.

Hagrid's umbrella was made from fried pasta stick and ham.

And here are the four Harry Potter themed food art I made, for more details on Harry Potter and Hermione food art I made earlier, you can click here. I will most likely remake them again in the future, already have some ideas but I'm hoping to wait till I visit Hogwarts before I start working on them. Fingers crossed there'll be no hiccups, and we can pay Hogwarts a visit end of this year. :)

Saturday 25 July 2015

Keroppi Food Art & Cookie

I'm sorry my site was not accessible earlier, thank you to all of you who tried to inform me about it. I was changing the template yesterday, ended up making a mess, I had no time to fix it, so I restricted access to the blog for the time being. This new look that you are seeing is just a temporary one, I'm still working with the designers on another one, as the final site is going to be two column, I thought I should slowly change the blog layout, so that the final transition will be easier.

I'm finally updating a recipe post, I've quite a few to share, but as they take longer to put up, as compared to the regular post, I keep procrastinating. These Keroppi cookies are matcha german cookies. These Keroppi cookies were inspired by Wanwan Tea, I was attracted by the ones she made during my very first visit to her blog.

These cookies simply melts in your mouth, they are similar to the Tsum Tsum ones I shared earlier here. These cookies are green due to the matcha powder added, and they also come with a hint of matcha flavour.

Before I proceed to the cookie recipe, let me share two Keroppi food art I made. This Keroppi was made out of chopped spring onions and fish balls.

The noodles below are udon made using my Philips Noodle Maker, they have a disc for making udon that you can order from their service centre.

And this Keroppi was made from Zucchini-based noodles or Zoodles. I made this one for myself. I used a spiralizer to slice the Zoodles, quite fun, but this gadget is a little bulky for my tiny kitchen. -_-

Keroppi eyes here was made using hard boiled egg.

Details to make these Keroppi cookies are below.


125g butter
50g icing sugar, sifted
125g potato starch
80g cake flour
small chocolate chips
1 tbsp matcha powder
Pink gel colouring

  1. Beat butter and icing sugar till light and fluffy.
  2. IMG_0739IMG_0740
  3. Sift in potato starch and flour, mix till a soft dough is formed.
  4. IMG_0741IMG_0742
  5. Divide dough into 3 portions, around 300g, 50g and 20g. Colour 300g of it using matcha powder. Colour 20g of it using pink gel colouring. Leave the 50g plain. Wrap the coloured dough separately with cling wrap and refrigerate for half an hour.
  6. IMG_0802
  7. Take the green dough, mould into balls and flatten them a little.
  8. IMG_0803
  9. Take the plain dough and roll into two small balls, place on the top of the cookie.
  10. IMG_0804
  11. Take pink dough and roll into a small ball, flatten it and place on Keroppi's cheeks.
  12. IMG_0806
  13. Place two chocolate chips for Keroppi's eyes.
  14. IMG_0808
  15. Bake cookies at 140 degrees celcius for 20 minutes. To prevent cracking, please place at the middle to low rack and insert an empty tray above it. When the cookie has cooled down, use melted chocolate to draw Keroppi's mouth.
  16. IMG_0817IMG_0813

Monday 20 July 2015

The Little Prince Food Art

We just had a long weekend, there was no school last Friday. I just started watching Korean drama over the weekends, after a year hiatus. Found a new one to watch, watching Scholar Who Walks the Night now.  Love it so far, but I'm done with the existing episodes, maybe I should look for another one to watch, lol.

The Little Prince food art, which I made a few months ago, thought of making this because there was an exhibition in May-June of The Little Prince, as part of the French festival. And the animated movie is also coming out this year. This is not my first Little Prince creation, I actually made two different Little Prince bentos, way back in 2012. If you read my post then, the Little Prince book that I mentioned is missing, has not appeared yet, lol, maybe I should go and buy a new one. -_-

The Little Prince was made using rice coloured with ketchup, egg sheet, veggie (sorry, I forgot which type of veggie I used) and nori. The fox was made using mashed potato and the rose was made using veggie and tomato. There was Japanese pork curry and scrambled eggs to complete the meal. My boys love Japanese curry, especially LT. Whenever we go to the supermarket, he keeps pestering me to buy Japanese curry roux so that I can cook this for him.
My food art and bento photos are rather minimalist styled these days. The actual reason for this change is because I'm lazy to think of how to style the photo, lol. -_- But I do quite like the minimalist look too, so I think it should be here to stay. :)

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Peppa Pig & Where's Wally

For today's post, I'm sharing two food art I did during the June school holiday. The characters are  Peppa Pig and Where's Wally, they aren't related in any way, except that they both happened to originate from UK, lol. Peppa Pig is a British cartoon series and Where's Wally is created by an English illustrator.

Peppa Pig and George splashing around in the mud. My boys have never watched any Peppa Pig cartoon before. Peppa Pig wasn't so popular here when they were toddlers, they grew up watching Barney, Elmo, Hi-5, Bob the builder, Little Einsteins, etc.

We have a habit of tuning in to YES 933, one of the chinese radio station here, wherever we are in the car. And the station happened to be playing snippets from the cartoon, which they both found hilarious. They were curious as to what Peppa Pig looks like, so instead of googling for the picture,  I ended up making this food art to show them instead.

Peppa Pig and George were both made using ingredients like ham, bell peppers, red cabbage, cheese and nori, and I placed them on a slice of bread.

And this food art is Where's Wally. I think some countries know him as Where's Waldo instead. This was a sandwich served with sausages, cauliflower and seafood soup. I just found the perfect way to serve cauliflower to my boys, bake them with some oil and salt, they taste really good, can sprinkle on some cheese too.

I remembered reading Where's Wally when I was younger but my boys have no idea who Wally is. Uniqlo had a Where's Wally T-shirt collection for both kids and ladies a few months back. I immediately grabbed two for my boys, and subsequently went back to get myself one too, lol. And that's how my boys came to learn about the existence of Wally.

Ingredients used to make Wally were bread, ham, bell pepper, cheese and nori.

Friday 10 July 2015

Baymax Burger & Sushi

Baymax is one of those characters I love making, because he is adorable and so easy to make. Another one such character is Gudetama, but I'll leave him for another post.

Rice burger, instead of hamburger for dinner. Rice burger is just like a hamburger, except you substitute compressed rice cakes for the bread buns. The rice cakes are usually pan-fried till lightly browned, I skipped this step here because I want my rice to remain white.

For the fillings, there's homemade teriyaki chicken patties, lettuce and cheddar. I used olives and nori for Baymax's eyes and mouth.

Did you spot the mini Baymax burger? I used quail eggs, ham, cheese and lettuce for this.

I also made Baymax deco sushi. It's been a long time since my last deco sushi attempt. Quite happy it did not turned out too bad, was just trying my luck, since I don't have a recipe to follow for this.

The pink portion was rice coloured with some pink sushi mix. And the hearts on Baymax were cupcake sprinkles. They can't be left on the sushi for too long though, they'll melt and make a mess.

I've been making lots of different sushi lately, have shared a few on Instagram and still have some unshared ones. I still have two sets of Baymax sushi to share, but I'll leave that for another post.

Just one more shot of the Baymax sushi because I happened to take a number of shots, might as well share it, lol. :)

Monday 6 July 2015

Jurassic World Carrot Soup

Jurassic World was one of the movie we caught during the school holidays. I love the trailer and read that Jurassic World was even better than the original Jurassic Park. That got my expectations up high, since in my opinion, the first instalment of Jurassic Park was a classic. After watching the movie, I was just a little bit disappointed, it's entertaining no doubt, and we all enjoyed the movie, but the sudden ending left me hanging in midair.

The very next day after we watched the movie, I made this bowl of Jurassic World soup. To make this, I filled a bowl with carrot soup. Then, I cut T-Rex and the Jurassic World banner from a slice of wrap.

I vary the toasting time of the wrap for the different sections so that there will be some difference in the colour tone. The black portion of the words were cut out from nori.

Do catch the movie if you have yet to, it's still good and definitely worth watching.