Monday, 22 August 2016

Pikachu Steamed Bun

Pokemon Go has finally found their way here and we have been busy catching 'em all. It has been a long time since I last played games on my handphone, I much rather spend my free time reading up stuff or watching shows, but this game is surprising rather addictive, lol. And thanks to my Pokemon Go addiction, I've been making lots of Pikachu food art lately, he's the only character I used to know from Pokemon. Now thanks to the game, I'm slowly learning more characters, but I think he still remains my favourite out of the lot.

Here are the Pikachu steamed buns, which I filled with ham, cheese and scrambled eggs. It's not the usual bun fillings, but this combi goes well with the steamed buns. It perfect for breakfast, though it can be eaten any time of the day. I'll be sharing the basic recipe for this at the end of this post.

The cheese I'm using is The Laughing Cow Toast,  as the name implies, this cheese is extra melting and is great for using in toast. It tastes really nice, and goes very well with the eggs and ham in the steamed buns.

The Laughing Cow is celebrating its 95th birthday this year, and the prizes are really good! It is holding a draw with the top prize being a trip to France for four! 

Here are the details: 

Full list of prizes:
a.       1 x trip to France for 4 
b.       10 x pairs of tickets to Hong Kong
c.       20 x IPAD 64GB
d.       64 x shopping vouchers worth $500

From 1 August to 31 October 2016, simply purchase any of The Laughing Cow product and stand a chance to win. Entry forms available at customer service counter in supermarkets or on website. 

3 ways to submit:
  1. Mail entry form and original receipt to Natrad Food Pte Ltd, 149 Ubi Avenue 4, Singapore 408778.
  2. ONLINE via Please retain original receipt to claim prizes. 
  3. SMS “TLC<space>full name<space>NRIC<space>receipt no.” to 73333. Please retain original receipt to claim prizes.    
The Laughing Cow products and the promotion are available at all major supermarkets. Check in-stores for more details.

I'm sharing the recipe for the basic ham, cheese and scrambled egg buns, you can shape them into any characters you fancy. I've coloured mine yellow and shaped them into Pikachu. If you do not want to use food colouring, you can replace with this pumpkin steamed buns recipe over here instead.


300g Morinaga pancake mix
1 1/2 tbsp salad oil
90 to 100ml water
1 tsp cocoa powder
yellow food gel colouring(optional)

The Laughing Cow toast cheese slices
Scrambled eggs
Shave ham

  1. Prepare fillings and set aside.
  2. IMG_4795
  3. To make the dough, sieve pancake mix.
  4. IMG_8830
  5. Add in salad oil.
  6. IMG_8831
  7. Add in water gradually, use your hands to keep mixing till the dough comes together. Dust work surface with some flour, use your hands to knead for around 5 minutes, till the dough becomes soft and smooth. If you are colouring the dough, you can do so at this point, add in food colouring and knead till the colours are even.
  8. IMG_4793
  9. Divide dough into 6 parts and roll each into a ball. Use a rolling pin to flatten each ball. 
  10. IMG_4797
  11. Place scrambled eggs, shaved ham and cheese in the middle of the dough, wrap it up and pleat the edges to seal. 
  12. IMG_4798IMG_4799
  13. Place the buns on wax paper and steam them on low heat for around 15 minutes.IMG_4801IMG_4844
Note: If you can’t get hold of Morinage pancake mix. You can also use 270g plain flour and 1.5tsp baking powder to 140ml water. You need to add in 3 tbsp of sugar and a pinch of salt as well. Cover the dough after step 7 and leave it for half an hour before you start rolling out.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Baymax German Cookie

Sorry, another long absence again, I don't really know what happened, for some reason, I just ended up doing other stuff. I guess I just got used to not blogging, lol. I doubt I will be updating my blog as much anymore from now on, but I will still try to update recipes now and then.

For today, I'll be sharing the recipe for these Baymax cookies. I know I promised to update about watermelon bread piggies before this and some of you are asking me where that recipe is. Sorry, I was actually drafting up that post a couple of weeks back, but I misplaced some of the measurements I took down for that recipe, so I will have to make that again before I can share.

These Baymax cookies were made with my usual german cookies recipe. These cookies have a crumbly texture that just melts in your mouth. This recipe only requires a few ingredients, is very easy to make, and it's very versatile, as you can mould the dough into almost any characters you fancy.

I used one to decorate my boy's ice-cream, just for fun, lol.

I used charcoal powder to colour the dough black, but if you can't get hold of it, please replace with either dark cocoa powder or black food colouring.


125g butter
50g icing sugar, sifted
125g potato starch
80g cake flour
1/2 tsp charcoal powder

  1. Beat butter and icing sugar till light and fluffy.
  2. IMG_0739IMG_0740
  3. Sift in potato starch and flour, mix till a soft dough is formed.
  4. IMG_0741IMG_0742
  5. Scoop out around 3 tbsp of the dough and mix with charcoal powder. Mix till it turns black. Wrap both the black dough and the white dough separately with cling wrap and refrigerate for half an hour.
  6. IMG_3510
  7. Take out the white dough, mould into 2 balls, 1 for the head and 1 for the body(mould the body slightly bigger than the head) and join them together. I measured the dough for this so that it's more consistent, but you can choose not to do so if you prefer. For your reference, I measured 8g for the body and 6g for the head.
  8. IMG_3511
  9. Mould out Baymax's arms and legs and join them to the body. I did not weigh the dough for the limbs.
  10. IMG_3512
  11. Take the black dough and roll into two small circles for Baymax's eyes. Roll out a thin  strip for Baymax's mouth. Alternatively, you can also add water a few drops at a time to the black dough, till you get a thick paste, that you can fill in a pipping bag and pipe on the details.
  12. IMG_3513
  13. Add on heart shaped sprinklers.
  14. IMG_3514
  15. Bake cookies at 130 degrees celcius for around 25 minutes. To prevent cracking, please place at the middle to low rack and insert an empty tray above it.
  16. IMG_3493

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Hello Kitty & Friends Donuts

Hello!! I'm finally back to dust off the cobwebs from this space, lol. Sorry for the long hiatus, I don't really know why, was just feeling lazy after exams were over, just not motivated to switch on my laptop to update my blog. -_-

If you have been following my Instagram, you might have seen these Hello Kitty donuts I made last year. I am finally going to update the recipe for these in today's post, sorry for the long wait.

These donuts are baked, so the texture would be similar to cakes instead.

I happened to have matchy Hello Kitty nails that day. Sadly, my pretty nails can never last past a few days, due to all the housework I do. :(

I also went on to make Hello Kitty friends, Keroppi, Pompompurin and my melody on another day.

These batch was rather messy though, as I had some problem with the chocolate consistency.

I thought I'll share this Hello Kitty milkshake in this post as well, since there is a donut on it. I made this to share with my boys after their exams. I've seen lots of version of this ultimate milkshake and thought I'll try to recreate it.

There's strawberries blended with vanilla ice-cream and milk in the glass. I frosted part of the glass with white chocolate and sprinklers. For the layers on top, I added donut, Kit Kat, Pocky, Hello Kitty and bow chocolates. This was quite fun to make and fun to share, definitely would be too much for one person to finish this.

I used the Morinaga pancake mix for this recipe. If you can't get hold of them, you can use this old recipe of mine over here instead.


150g Monrinaga pancake mix
100ml soya milk/milk
1 egg
3 tbsp honey
10g cold pressed coconut oil/vegetable oil/melted butter
White chocolate
Pink chocolate/Wilton pink icing colouring
Yellow Chocolate/Wilton yellow icing colouring

  1. Put pancake mix, soya milk, egg, honey and coconut oil in a bowl and mix until all the ingredients are evenly distributed. 
  2. IMG_9042
  3. Lightly grease donut pan with vegetable oil. Spoon mixture into donut mould till around 80% full. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 15 minutes.
  4. IMG_7756
  5. Remove from mould and leave it to cool down fully.
  6. IMG_9411
  7. Using a knife, make slits on top of the donut, just enough for you to insert the almonds for the ears.
  8. IMG_9449
  9. Melt white chocolate either over a hot water bath or in a microwave.
  10. IMG_9413
  11. Dip the almonds in white chocolate before placing them back in the slits. Dip the donut in white chocolate. If you find your almonds dropping when you turn over the donut to dip it in the chocolate, you can scoop the chocolate over the donut to coat it instead. 
  12. IMG_1042
  13. Draw on Hello Kitty's nose using yellow chocolate. If you can't get hold of this, add on a yellow icing colouring to white chocolate to colour it yellow. Draw on the rest of the features using chocolate. 
  14. IMG_1043
  15. You will need a ribbon mould to make Hello Kitty mould. Alternatively, you can also use two heart shaped sprinklers to form the bow. Melt pink chocolate, pour into the mould and leave it to set in the fridge before removing. If you can't get hold of pink chocolate, add on a pink icing colouring to white chocolate to colour it pink. 
  16. IMG_2198IMG_1044

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Batman V Superman Bento

Sorry for the lack of updates again. It's the exam season and revisions with my boys is giving me a headache, lol. At the end of every day, I rather surf the net and do some online shopping, rather than to think of what to update the blog with. I do still have tutorials waiting to be updated, but that will be for another day when I'm feeling more hardworking, I shall just blog a short post today.

The two bentos I'm sharing today is inspired by the movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is not the first time I'm making Batman and Superman, have made them a few times before throughout my bento journey. I do however, like these two current versions the best so far.

Superman was made from rice, coloured with some ketchup. For the rest of the details, I used red bell peppers, fishcake(coloured blue using butterfly/blue pea flower), cheese, nori and ham.

Batman is easier to make and uses less ingredients. To make Batman, I used rice(coloured using ketchup), cheese, nori and ham.

It would have been nice to place both bentos together for a photograph, but unfortunately, I made them on different days, so it was not possible to do so.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Descendants of the Sun Bento

Have you been chasing the Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) for the past two months too? Sorry, if you are not, you probably won't understand what I'm rambling about in this post, lol. I've been addicted to DOTS for the past two months, I usually wait for the drama to be near the end before I start watching, so that I can be spared the agony of waiting for new episodes every week. However, I really like the two leads, Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, and I felt this story would be good, so I started watching from episode 1. I like Song Joong-Ki, and also Yoo Ah-In since SungKyunKwan Scandal, but sadly, I don't really like their subsequent dramas, so I never did finished watching those. As for Song Hye-Kyo, I like her since Autumn in my Heart, the very first Korean drama I watched and I always think she is the prettiest Korean actress.

Captain Yoo Shi-jin aka Big Boss bento, the soldier Song Joong Ki played in the drama. I was craving for korean fried chicken so I cooked some that day, just apt for this Korean drama bento, lol.

I edited the eyebrows here, the unedited version can be viewed on my Instagram. After completing the bento, I thought the eyebrows were not suitable and wanted to change it. LT asked me to help him with his work at that moment and I totally forgot about changing the eyebrows after I was done with helping him. *slaps forehead* Hiaz, since I have no intention of remaking this again, I decided to just edit the eyebrows for this post.

This version has the two leads in plush form. These two plush appears in DOTS too. They are from Bonicrew and can be purchase in soldier uniform, just like in the drama.

I really enjoyed DOTS, I think it's my favourite drama so far, although I know some people watched and still can't comprehend what the hype is all about, my hubby is one of them. -_- There are flaws here and there, but the leads played their roles so well, I guess I overlooked all those. I think the best parts of DOTS were all in Urk, the last 4 episodes could have been better written, especially so since it's pre-produced, I don't know why the writers don't develop some parts in those last few episodes better so it makes more sense. But never mind, the happy ending makes up for it, lol.

This last one was taken from a photo of the two leads after their Hong Kong press conference, when they were doing the fist bump. I made this breakfast for myself, not the boys. The boys were still at school while I was eating this.

There were so many cute moments between these two leads during the Hong Kong press conference, as compared to the Korean one, where they were so stiff and proper. They have so much chemistry and look so good together, I hope they date for real, though I think they most probably already are in secret. :)