Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Egg Carton Chicken Bento

Oops, this post should have been up last Friday, but I was lazy to turn on my laptop. How did your Easter break go?  Ours was not as relaxing, as my boys' exams are coming soon, we started on some revisions.  We did slot in some outdoor activities, so it's not all work.

I managed to make one more Easter bento just before Good Friday. I still have more ideas, I've yet to make any bunnies, guess I'll save all those ideas for next year.

These egg carton hen and chicks are definitely not limited to Easter, you can make them anytime of the year. I created them in different expressions just for fun.

I made chicken in egg carton last year as well. You can check out that post HERE.

Ingredients used for the chicken were rice, carrots, nori and ham. As for the chicks, I used rice mixed with mashed egg yolk, carrot, egg, nori and ham.
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Chicks Shiratama

No bentos to share today, I'm sharing a deco shiratama chick idea for Easter. Probably a little late for Easter, but you can always make them on other days.

I made these for our after dinner dessert, they were served with the Kiiroitori burger I shared yesterday.

I served the chicks shiratama in a sugary syrup, with peaches and strawberries. :)

I'm sharing the recipe for these chicks below. You can easily adapt it to make other characters. The recipe is adapted from Junko's book. She has a book on deco shiratama, which is available in chinese as well. My favourite in her book is the panda shiratama, I made that last year, click HERE to check out my post.


60g of Shiratama Flour
62g to 69g of Silken Tofu
Wilton gel food colouring

  1. Mix 62g of tofu with shiratama flour, use your hands to knead.
  2. IMG_2385IMG_2259
  3. Knead till a smooth dough is formed.If the mixture is too dry, add a little silken tofu till the dough is just right.
  4. IMG_2260IMG_2262
  5. Divide the dough into 3 portions, one large and 2 smaller balls. Using a toothpick, slowly mix in yellow food colouring for the biggest ball, followed by orange and black colouring for the smaller balls. Knead till the colours are evenly mixed.
  6. IMG_3940
  7. Mould out chicks using your hands.
  8. IMG_3942
  9. Cook them in boiling water till they floats. Remove and place them in cold water.
  10. IMG_3949
  11. They are many ways you can serve shiratama. I served them here in a cold sugar syrup, filled with fruits.
  12. IMG_3959
  • The colour of the shiratama turns brighter/daker after cooking, hence do not use too much colouring, your dough before cooking should be a lighter shade than the desired shade you want.
  • Other than Wilton gel colouring, you can also use cocoa powder and black sesame paste to colour your dough.
  • You can also use a marker to draw in the features.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Chick Burger

Ahhhhh, I've been super busy these few days. I've yet to make any foodart this week, I've had small pockets of free time here and there, but after all the running around, I rather whip up a fast meal, sit down, rest and catch up on my K-drama instead. I still have a few more Easter foodart I want to make, but I most likely won't be able to share them before Easter, rather undecided if I should still make them, guess I'll make up my mind tomorrow.

Here's a simple food art idea for Easter, Kiiroitori hatching out from an egg. :)

This is actually a cheese burger. I layered a slice of cheese on top of the patty and decorated it into Kiirotori, using carrots and nori.  This was quite fast to make. :)

I will share another easy food art for Easter tomorrow. :)
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Chick Sushi Easter Bento

It's a short school week this week, I still have a few more Easter ideas but I'm not sure if I've time to make and blog about them before Easter. Will see how it goes.

The idea for these chick deco sushi is from one of my favourite deco sushi book. I've wanted to make them for sometime, and the coming Easter gives me the perfect reason to include them in my boys' bento.

I kept another two sushi for my boys to bring to school the following day. My boys still pack bento to school every day but I stopped decorating those this year. LT had an excursion and was thrilled to bring along the chick sushi for school.

Ingredients used for the sushi were rice (coloured with mashed egg yolk), carrot, Abura Age and nori.
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Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter Chick Bunny Bento

Yay, it's Friday again, I've been so busy this year, time seems to pass so fast! I'm sharing another Easter bento I made this week.

A nest of little chicks, two of the have their bunny suits on, ready to celebrate Easter, lol.

The nest is rice covered in bonito flakes. The three chicks in the nest are hard boiled quail eggs dyed yellow using tumeric water. Details were done using nori and carrot.

I made something similar to these little chicks in bunny suits last year. I used a chicken egg then, and made Kiiroitori in a bunny suit. You can click HERE to check out that post.

Sharing how to make this chick bunny below.

Using an oval cutter, press and cut into the egg white part of a hard boiled egg.

Slowly peel off the egg white using a knife. If the egg yolk looks fine, you can skip the next step, and just directly add on the details here.

Mix some hard boiled egg yolk with mayo. (I used a chicken egg yolk here) Use a knife to spread the egg yolk onto the hole we cut out in the previous step.

Slice off a bit of egg white from another hard boiled quail egg. Use an oval cutter to cut out bunny's ears.

Attach on the ears using pasta.

I used this puncher to punch out nori. You can dab on some mayo to help the nori to stick, if needed.

Cut out the beak from carrot using an oval cutter.

Something simple for you to decorate your bento or meal for Easter. :)

I changed my mind later, and changed the beak to a smaller oval, this was the final one that went into the bento.
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