Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One Piece Luffy Seaweed Bento

My boys used to be quite crazy over the anime, One Piece last year. The craze has died down a little this year, and I don't see them watching One Piece as often now. We brought them to J-WORLD in Tokyo for a visit last year. J-WORLD is an indoor theme park by Namco, it's based on popular manga characters like One Piece, Dragonball and Naruto. My boys actually asked for a Dragonball bento when we came back, I've yet to get that done, oops. -_- I ended up making Luffy from One Piece instead.

This Luffy bento was made while I was doing examinations revisions with IT in May. Speaking of exams, my boys exams are coming again soon, not so many topics covered this round, so revisions will be much easier.

Luffy is just seaweed, which I cut out using a pair of scissors, and placed it on a slice of cheese. Sunny is made using hard boiled egg, cheese, carrots and nori.

The side dishes were carrot meat patties and stir-fried pea sprouts with mushrooms.

Sharing some food photos I took at J-WORLD. Even though my boys had a great time there, I won't exactly recommend the theme park, unless you are a manga fan. The entrance fees were cheap, but they charge for every ride. The theme park is also rather small, not worth making a special trip down. However, Sunshine City, where the theme park is located in, is a great place to shop.

Some of the food we ordered, taste wise was just so-so, not fantastic, but not horrible either.

If you are heading there, do try the giant takoyaki outside Sunshine City. My boys are huge fan of takoyaki, it's our second time eating trying this stall, love this twist to the usual takoyaki. :)
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Cuddle Palz Hamster & Tiger

Have you joined my CuteZCute Cuddle Palz giveaway on Instagram? It's closing after today, if you would like to take part, you can still click HERE to join now. The Cuddle Palz cutter is so easy to use, I made quite a few creations using it. I'll share two in this post and I'll leave the rest for future posts, don't wanna squeeze too many photos in one post.

The next animal I tried out using Cuddle Palz was the hamster. She has heart shaped ears, how adorable.

Did not take much effort to make this bento box, I merely added on a bow for the cutie hamster, and cut out 2 ovals from ham using the eyes of the tiger cutter.

This snack box was filled with grapes, strawberries, lettuce and chicken tsukune.

This was a last minute idea, I had cooked tomato soup that day, so I thought I should just add in a quick decor using the Cuddle Palz.

I chose the tiger cutter, used it to cut out the wrap and toasted it in the oven for a while before placing on the soup. I hope you like these two kawaii animals from Cuddle Palz, have a good weekend! :)
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

CuteZcute Cuddly Palz Review

I am so excited to share with you about the new sandwich cutter from CuteZCute. I believe most of you would have already seen it on their site. This new cutter is called Cuddle Palz and works the same way as their very popular Animal Friends cutter.

The cutter is very easy to use and can help you make a kawaii bento box in a few minutes.

Cuddle Palz is a seven piece set which consists of 1 head cutter, 1 body cutter, 4 different stamps/cutters (koala, tiger, hamster and bear) and a very cute koala food pick. This set can gives you up to 40 different combinations. Cuddle Palz can be used on bread, cheese, wraps, fruits, pancakes, dough, etc. They are endless possibilities on what you can use them on.

All four Cuddle Palz animals are very cute, but my favourite has got to be the koala. The branch by the side is from leftover bread crust. Don't throw away your cut outs, you can keep and use them to make bread crumbs, recipe HERE.

I decided to add on a baby koala. The head of the baby koala was cut out using the nose of the koala cutter, his ears and hands were from the eyes of the bear cutter.

Can you see the koala food pick in the bento box at the back? This pick comes with the set and you can use it to remove small cut outs from the cutters. It can double as a kawaii decoration to your bento box too.

I'm holding a Cuddle Palz giveaway over at my Instagram. You can click HERE to join. Giveaway opens internationally and will close on this coming Friday. :)
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Frozen Olaf Soup & Pancake

This has been a crazy week for me, I'm so glad it's the weekends. I've a new tool to share next week and there will be a giveaway as well, will update details next week. You can also follow me on Instagram (@bentomonsters), as I'll likely update there a little earlier.

Other than IT's competition that has been keeping us busy this week, we've been dog sitting, lol. This is the adorable schnauzer that I looked after for the past few days. She belongs to my sis. My parents and sis were out of town at the same time, so she stayed over at our place.

I'll be sharing more Olaf food creations in this post, the very cute snowman from the Disney movie, Frozen. My boys simply adore Olaf, they asked for more Olaf food art, since he's rather easy to make, I have no reason to say no to them.

Olaf swimming in a bowl of carrot soup. He's finally enjoying himself, swimming in summer, lol.

Olaf is made from a toasted wrap, more details on the rest of the ingredients later. I often get questions on how I did my soup art, so I decided to take some step-by-step photos for this time, hope they are useful. :)

This Olaf pancake was for my boys' breakfast during the school holidays last June. I used whipped cream and melted chocolate to draw the details, added on an orange slice for his nose.

This pancake idea is actually inspired by the Olaf pancake made by Kitchen Fun With My 3 sons. Click HERE to check out her very cute pancake.

I made Olaf using a piece of wrap.

Cut out Olaf head, body and feet from the wrap. I simply used a pair of scissors to trim out the shapes. However, you can also print/draw out Olaf on a piece of paper, place that on your wrap and use it as a guide to cut out the parts. Place these on a baking trap, toast in the oven at 180 degrees celcius for around 5 minutes till crisp. Don't throw away the leftover cut outs, you can cut them into small pieces, toast them in the same way and use as soup or salad toppings.

Cut out 2 circles from wrap for Olaf eye. I used the puncher above to punch out his eyes from nori. His eyebrows were cut out with a pair of scissors. Use some mayo to "stick" the parts together.

Cut out mouth from nori and teeth from wrap, and again, "stick" them on with some mayo.

Cut out Olaf's nose from carrot.

Punch out nori for the buttons using the above puncher.

Cut out Olaf's hand and hair from a piece of boiled kombu.

Alternatively, you can also try using herbs like dill for Olaf's hand instead.

Assemble the parts on your soup, and there, you have your very own bowl of Olaf soup. If you need a recipe for carrot soup, click HERE to check out one that I shared previously.
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

World Cup Soccer Rice Burger

Have you been following the World Cup? The semi-finals will be starting at 4am soon. I've not been following the World Cup at all, I've nil interest in it, I did not even keep track of the results. My hubby loves watching the telecasts though, I guess almost all guys do. He's been catching the previous matches ( those that he considers more exciting) with his friends at the nearby MacDonalds and Community Centres. He's off to bed early tonight so that he can wake up early to catch the semi-finals.

I made this World Cup theme dinner around two weeks ago. I thought I better not procrastinate any longer and post it today before the World Cup is over.

The soccer ball was actually a rice burger. There's a chicken patty and lettuce between the rice buns.

I also made a mashed potato bear holding a Brazil flag. I'm not supporting any countries, chose the Brazil flag, simply because the World Cup is held there this year. :)
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