Tuesday 27 January 2015

Cornell Hello Kitty Sandwich Toaster

Do you remember I shared about the Hello Kitty sandwich toaster from Cornell last year? The toaster just got a makeover and I love this new revamp version.


Friday 23 January 2015

CuteZCute Robo Bread

Sorry for the lack of updates, had a crazy week, something unpleasant happened as well, hiaz, don't feel like talking about it. :(  Next week will be even busier, but things should get slightly better for me after that. I know some of you want the recipe for my steamed buns, I will get one of the buns recipe updated next week. Meanwhile, if you want to make something cute for Chinese New Year, you might want to click HERE to check out my piggy pineapple tarts recipe from last year. The same post has instructions to shape bunny and panda pineapple tarts too.


Friday 16 January 2015

Sheep Hot Pot and Noodles

I'm suffering from a lack of sleep since school started, been surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep every weekday, slightly longer on weekends. :( Not that I don't want to sleep, I still have work not done, so I would wake up again after my boys sleep, sign. However, I think age is catching up with me, I felt dizzy last night before bedtime, and it was so difficult keeping my eyes open today while driving. I ended up taking cat naps twice in the car while waiting for my boys to be dismissed. It's going to be busier next week as IT tournament is going to start, but I enjoy watching him and his teammates at their matches. I hope I can still find some time to make food art and update the blog.


Tuesday 13 January 2015

Gudetama Bento

I was planning to update a review post today for a new bento box, but there were some problems with one of the links, so I've to update it another day. I'll just do up a fast post today of my Gudetama bento from last year.


Friday 9 January 2015

Japanese Curry Piggy Bread Bun

I've been so busy since school started, even though IT has not even started staying back yet. He will start his CCA trainings next week and his tournaments are coming, going to be busy. However, I do like that I can get lots more chores accomplished by waking up so early. If it's the school holidays, I will just laze around in bed till it's quite late and then spend the afternoon out, lol.


Monday 5 January 2015

Rilakkuma Bedroom & Car

My boys are back to school again. IT went back last Friday and IT just went back to school today. IT already brought back homework since the first day of school. His extra trainings for CCA is starting in week 2 even though the tournament date is not out yet. Looks like it's going to be a busy term.