Wednesday 4 April 2012

Bear Bento

I woke up an hour late today, did not help that what I had in mind was fairly simple, so I did not prepare anything beforehand last night. :( So, it was a mad rush to complete everything in time. I hate rushing through the bentos, I prefer to do them slowly and enjoy the process. :) Argh, I must try not to oversleep again.

IT's bento, in the box are onigiri, salmon, sweet and sour pork and grapes.

LT's bento, same food as above. The bears' ears are made from cheese. I happened to see a packet of 'candy cheese' when I was shopping at the Japanese mart, so I bought to try.

IT's bento for recess, in the box are butter/sugar bread, cheese roll, sweet and sour pork and grapes.

LT's bento, same food as above.

The original idea was to add in paw prints on cheese as well, but I had no time to do so. -_-

This is the 'candy cheese' I used for the bears' ears.

My lunch, in the box are rice, sweet and sour pork and cabbage/enoki. :)


  1. These look amazing! I love the cheese ears. I wish I had this for my lunch!!

  2. I love the cute faces you add! They really make even a simple lunch, extraordinary. I rarely have enough time to really enjoy making the bentos- (sigh)

    1. Tks for ur kind comments, Julie. :) I try to wake up early to do them, but I'm quite a sleepyhead, n hv problem getting out of bed at times. :p

  3. They are so cute Ming! I love bears and you did an amazing job especially the tiny detailing :)

    1. Tks so much for ur sweet comments always, Rina, really appreciate them. :)

  4. Your bento boxes are amazing! I wish I was that dedicated to all the little details. Great job!!


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