Monday 23 April 2012

Cube Hello Kitty and Melody Bento

I've been wanting to make little rice cubes and bread again, so I can make use of this mould. I happened to see a Sanrio fabric, with all the characters as little cubes. So. I'm stealing that idea for my bento today. :)

Bento for IT, in the box are beet coloured rice (I added too much water, and the rice was too soft.), chicken balls yakitori, pork rolls, golden kiwis and grapes. :)

Bento for LT, same food as above. Oops, Kitty's nose is not at the right place. -_-

Bento for IT's recess, in the box are nutella sandwich, chicken ball yakitori and grapes.

Bento for LT to bring to School, same food as above, except he's having strawberry sandwich.

Hello Kitty, Melody and strawberry cubes. There are still other Sanrio characters from the fabric I want to do, will leave that for another time. :)


  1. creative as always, love your hello kitty food pick too!

  2. Cute n sweet bento. Love this very much! Can i know what brand of cheese you normally use? I use Kraft and it seems melting too fast. :(

    1. Ah, yes, kraft melts v fast. I'm using chesdale, better, does not melt tt fast. I always buy their trim, normal n smoked versions, 4 the colour variations.


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