Monday 9 April 2012

Monkey Bento

It was nice to have an extra day of break, but it was tough getting out of bed this morning, lol. :) I made monkeys for their bentos today, 2 versions, one using rice and the other one using a butter roll.

IT's bento, in the box are onigiri, chicken balls stuffed with cheese, broccoli, strawberries and blueberries.

LT's bento, same food as above. Rice coloured with a drop of dark soya sauce.

IT's recess bento, in the box are ham and cheese butter roll and strawberries.

LT's bento for school, same food as above.

Monkeys monkeying around. :)

A quick box for myself, in the box are curly crisps/shaved ham butter rolls and baby spinach/tomatoes salad, dressed in Japanese soya sauce dressing. Love how the tomatoes brightens up the box so effortlessly. It's such a pity that the boys refused to eat them, maybe I'll try sneaking some in their bentos again this week, though I doubt they will eat any. :P

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