Friday 13 November 2015

Gudetama Burger & Hotpot

It's been so so long since I last had a fever, I've forgotten how bad it felt. I now remember again because I was down with fever on wednesday, no idea what the cause was, my guess is either a virus or food poisoning. I was practically in bed the entire day, only getting up to cook and send/fetch my boys to/from school. At times like this, I'm happy my boys are no longer babies or toddlers and can look after themselves. IT was fine but LT caught the same virus too, as he had exactly the same symptoms as me. He was feverish at school but did not call for me to pick him up as he wasn't sure if he was running a fever. Silly boy, he must have felt terrible in school, he just laid on the floor once he entered the house, he said he had no more energy to move. We are both fully recovered today, really feels good to be well again, because there are so much stuff at home waiting to be done.

More Gudetama food art from my archive to share. I can't stop making him, lol. I still have more ideas, which I'm trying to space out, else my whole feed will just be on Gudetama.

This is a ramen burger, the usual burger buns are replaced by ramen instead. Gudetama is made just by cutting and placing nori on a sunny side-up. The white portion for his mouth is a white blob on the egg yolk, it wasn't intentional, it just happened to be there, so I tried to position the mouth there.

The only problem with ramen burger is it does not taste good when cold, you have to serve it soon after cooking, so the ramen will be crispy outside and soft inside.

Gudetama in a hotpot, hotpot is one of my favourite one dish meal, just throw everything inside one pot, not much washing up too.

Gudetama was made from grated radish, the yellow portion is radish mixed with a little mashed egg yolk. The egg shell is just an empty egg shell, which I washed and put it there to take a photo, I removed it before boiling the hotpot.

Yay, Gudetama will be happy it's weekends again. Time for me to catch up on my sleep. And I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. 好可爱的蛋黄哥!!

  2. These look adorable! Glad you are feeling better now!

  3. So glad to know that both of you are better now! Gudetama looks cute and the hotpot is making me so hungry right now, about 8:25 a.m., lol.


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