Wednesday 13 July 2011


I've been wanting to get a small capacity double tier lunch box for them. That's because everytime I packed noodles, their normal lunch box is too small, I ended up with not much space for the sides and fruits. I found these pretty lunchboxes at Sanrio, sugar bunnies for LT, he likes them. IT does not like girly stuff, but he's ok with little twin star, coz there's a boy.

Stir fried Udon for them today for lunch. I cooked some miso udon for IT to bring to school. I packed it in a thermal flask for him and it was still warm at recess.

IT's bento, he's ok with this coz there's a boy on the lunch box.

LT's bento

IT's bento for recess. This one is slightly more filling than his usual snack bento.

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