Thursday 15 March 2012

Sausage Tutorial - Boy

As requested by a fellow bento Mummy, I'm doing a simple tutorial on how to do the sausage boys in this bento. I prepared some breakfast in advance for the boys on Tuesday night, as we were going to Universal Studios the following day and breakfast had to be eaten on the go, which means in the car. :P So, to kill two birds with one stone, I made a tutorial on how to do the sausage boy and monkey, and used them to decorate the boys' breakfast bentos.

First, boil your sausage. You have to look for a fat and short one, those longer ones won't work. I had a hard time searching for these sausages over here, and this one that I'm using is still a little too long, but it's the best I can find.

Slice off ard one quarter and set aside, that will be used to cut out the hands later on. We will work with the bigger portion first, that will be for the face. You can also use 2 sausages, I'm just trying to minimize wastage.

With a piece of nori, cut out zig zag in front for the hair, and cut 3 lines at the back for easy folding later on.

Spread some mayo on the top of the sausage.

Attach on the hair. Spread some mayo on where you will be putting the features, punch them out from nori and add them on the sausage.

Using a circle cutter, cut out the 'hands' from the quater piece of sausage.

Assemble the boy in your bento using pasta. It's my first time shooting the bentos at night using flash, lots to learn, still rather clueless about shooting at night. I'll post up the tutorial on how to do the monkey tomorrow. :)


  1. Cute, could you use sour cream instead of mayo? I've never used anything to stick nori to anything, I've never really had to. I want to try this.

    Also I normally make bentos at night because it's too early in the morning. I normally take the leftovers straight from dinner and start making the next lunch.

    I love natural light, so I know what you mean about the flash. boo!!

    I like to make octopus hot dogs, but sometimes I use the same concept with shorter "tentacles" and cut off the rounded head and if you turn them upside down they look like little flowers. I make bentos for my mom and myself sometimes, but I can't wait to have a family and make some for my kids. :)

    More tutorials please. <3

    1. Cat, I've not tried sour cream before so I'm not sure. But ketchup, jam, anything sticky will work. Yes, me too, hate using the flash, so I try to shoot in daylight almost all the time. Ah yes, I get what u mean, they look great both ways. I'll try to do more tutorials when I've time. :)

  2. I love seeing the steps you take to make things - thank you for sharing! ~Kristin

    1. Tks a lot, Kristin, happy tt you love it. :)

  3. Really clear and well planned tutorial! Brillant because you make it look easy! Thank you Ming!

    1. Tks a lot, Dear, you are always so sweet with your comments. :)

  4. Adorable boys!!! Tnx for sharing ;-)


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