Friday 7 November 2014

Domokun Bento

My boys came back with their report books today. IT did better than last year, he continued to score in his best subjects and has improved on his weaker ones. I had been worried about whether LT will fare well in primary school last year, he seemed slower than IT at the same age, and I've not spent much time coaching him as compared to IT. But he surprised me by doing quite well, in fact, his results is better than IT's primary 1 results 3 years ago. They are both capable of doing better, but nevertheless, I'm happy with their results this year. :)


I can't remember when I last made Domokun. It's been quite some time back, you can click HERE to see my pervious versions. This round, I made him out of rice and pork floss instead. I used red bell pepper, blueberry and cheese for his features. The side dishes for this bento were sweet and sour chicken, egg and broccoli.

This sleek aluminium box is from Bento & Co. I received the one in gold, they also have it in silver. Mine comes with beautiful berries patterns. They are also available in tree and nuts patterns too.

A chocolate banana smoothie treat for me. My boys would gladly pass this one, as they hate bananas. This Domokun is made from Squarebar, I added additional chopped up pieces in my smoothie. These protein bars are very yummy, and go well with my banana smoothie.

If you want to try them, you can order them from iHerb. Shipping to Singapore is at a flat rate of USD4, up to around 6kg. :)
Where to get same item used in today's post:


  1. so cute !! and side dishes look yummy!

    Congrats on your boys' improving grades!

  2. Very creative! Love the texture of Domokun made with the pork floss!

  3. 恭喜IT&LT,想必这成绩单就是给妈妈最好的一份圣诞礼物^^

  4. Congrats to your boys Ming!! I love your idea of Domo using pork floss, cute and yummy!


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