Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Bento

I have no idea what to update today, not because I've no bentos to update, but there are too many in my backlog, I've can't decide which one to choose. Sign. :(


I eventually settled on this, double scoop of Hello Kitty ice cream on a cone. Ingredients used to make Hello Kitty ice cream were rice, nori, egg sheet and ham. Ingredients used to make the ice cream cone were rice and abura-age.

Side dishes for this bento were carrot meat patties on ice-cream sticks, grilled chicken, tamagoyaki, grapes and strawberries.

I also made another version of Hello Kitty ice cream, which I totally forgotten about, lol. I only remember when I saw it while sorting through the photos to post today. -_-

This was easier to make than the double scoop ice cream, just make 2 rice balls in baking cups and add on Hello Kitty features using nori, egg sheet and ham.
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  1. 哎呀,超可爱!!两款都好爱♡

  2. Super cute! Unfortunately, every time I do one of these cute bentos, they don't stay put by the time my kids open them during lunch time. :(

    Fluttering through the Seasons

    1. Tk u, Cherie. For transporting charaben to school, you have to make sure the food are packed tight and the bento box can sit in an upright position in the bento bag.

  3. I love the different versions Ming, they are all super cute! Me too, have a back log of lunches to post. :p


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