Tuesday 1 September 2015

Garfield Pasta & Burger

Are you familiar with Garfield? You probably are, if you are, ahem, as "young" as me. Garfield used to be very popular then, I remembered seeing him often in comic strips and television. My boys have not seen him in either of these, they have only seen Garfield the movie.  Come to think of it, there are quite a few characters popular during my time, but they seemed to have lost their appeal now. Maybe I should dig out those characters from my memory and incorporate them in my creations, lol.

This is my second time making Garfield, the first Garfield bento I made was way back in 2012. I also made Odie then. This time, I only made Garfield.

Garfield was made from a meat patty, covered with cheese, other ingredients used were egg, ham and nori.

Served the meat patty with lettuce and tomato mushroom pasta.

I used the same idea and made Garfield again out of cheese and meat patty. However, I served it as a ramen burger and changed Garfield's expression here.

My first time cooking ramen burger, always wanted to try out this dish because it looks so interesting. My boys saw me cooking this and asked me why don't I just use Mamee snack to make this dish directly. -_-

I guess it's not exactly healthy but it's quite yummy. Only thing is this doesn't taste good when cold, you have to eat it warm when the outer crust is still crispy.


  1. Sooo cute!!!! I would like eat it :3

  2. LOL Ming, I am as young as you and it brings back memories! Super cute and yummy pasta!!

  3. 呵呵。。婉婉也是“年轻”的那一位^^

  4. Your Garfields look perfect. Love it!

  5. Love your Garfield meat patty. He looks perfect! I remember Garfield was quite popular when I was a kid too.

  6. 1. Strawberry Shortcake
    2. Smurfs
    3. Care bears
    4. Pink Panther
    5. Tom & Jerry
    6. Gasper
    7. Sesame Street

    I am as young as you ��

    1. Lol, tk u for the list, all our childhood memories!

  7. Ahh.....got my answer from IG :p

    Love Garfield and bring back memories.... Love your details and I'm as "young" as you too *wink*


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