Thursday 24 September 2015

Gudetama, Pooh & Tigger Mooncakes

Thankful for a much needed public holiday today where I can wake up later. I was feeling really tired these few days, having insomnia and can't really sleep at the time I'm supposed to, ended up having to drag myself out of bed every morning. :( The haze is terrible today, we were planning to bring the boys outdoor, but it was so bad, we ended up at home most of the day and just head out for meals at the malls instead.

Ah, I just realised Mid-Autumn festival is on this sunday. I kept having the impression that it's still quite far away. -_- So, I guess I'll just share all the rest of my snowskin creations in this post, instead of splitting them up. Sorry for putting them up so late. First one I'm sharing is Gudetama snowskin mooncake, this is also another easy character like the Baymax one I shared earlier.

I used passion fruit paste for the fillings and wrapped it around champagne truffle.

I should have done this earlier, love the addition of truffles.

This was another version of Gudetama I made earlier, this one was filled with royal milk tea paste.

Gudetama is now one of my favourite character to make.

Yet another snowskin mooncake design I made, Tsum Tsum Pooh and Tigger.  Pooh one is easy but Tigger is a little more work.

It was quite fun making these mooncakes, that will be all for this year, will be back again next year with new designs, lol. :)


  1. Your mooncakes are all so cute and yummy! Love the champagne truffle ones too!

  2. 哎哟,创意满分的造型月饼。我最近也是睡不好,好累好累。。。

  3. The cutest mooncakes ever! Mouth watering as well, hahah!

  4. do you ever explain how to make these? (;

    1. Yup, the basic recipe is here.

  5. Hello! Do you ever explain HOW to make the mooncakes? they are very cutee, but i was hoping for instructions.. (;


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