Monday 7 December 2015

Christmas Cheese Wedge

More Christmas food art ideas to share for today's post. This time I'm sharing Christmas themed snacks you can make using The Laughing Cow cheese wedges, these are great for serving on a platter for Christmas parties too.

I made snowman, Santa, reindeer and Christmas tree using cheese wedges. I took some photos to explain how I craft them and will share them later in this post.

Which design do you like best? I think mine is the snowman. :)

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the cheese products from The Laughing Cow. They have a wide range of cheese products, and my boys' favourites are Belcube and Cheez Dippers. They have been snacking on them since they were toddlers and they still love to eat them now.

From now till 31 December 2015, you can receive a free Happy Bowl with any purchase of two The Laughing Cow® products. The Happy Bowl is made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic and is microwave-friendly. There are 3 colours for collection: red, yellow and green. I've the one in green. You can redeem at supermarket customer service counter. While stocks last.

Alright, now I'll go through how to create the snowman first. Use knife to cut out triangles for the hat and nose, from bell peppers and carrots respectively. Use a straw or round cutter to cut out circles from ham.

Place the cut-outs on the cheese wedge. Using a nori punch, cut out circles for eyes from nori. Use black sesame seeds for the mouth.

For the Chrismas tree, cut out a strip of cucumber first, then cut them into smaller squares or rectangles.

Cut out a star from carrot using a star cutter, arrange the cut-outs on a slice of cheese wedge.

For Santa, cut out a triangle from bell pepper using a knife. Use a round cutter or scissors to cut out circles from bell pepper and ham.

Use a flower cutter to cut out the Santa's beard from cheese.

Arrange the cut-outs on the cheese wedge. Use a nori punch to cut out nori for the the eyes and mouth.

Lastly, for reindeer, you will need two pretzels and a round bell pepper, which you can cut out using a round cutter or a pair of scissors.

Use a nori punch to cut out circles for the eyes from nori.

You can serve the cheese wedges on crackers, they go really well with them. :)


  1. These are SOOOOOOO adorable, Ming! I am looking for some party ideas and very glad that you shared this. I need to pin this for sure!!

  2. Adorable! I made something similar before I left for my trip, but yours is much cuter!

  3. hi ming i am fan of your food recipes
    i really love it
    i am going to post a small post about your recipes in my site


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