Sunday 6 December 2015

Totoro Christmas Food Art

Christmas is coming soon, sharing a set of Totoro Christmas creations today. I actually have so many ideas I want to do, but I always have less time for food art during the school holidays as we are out in the afternoon. I've only been making really simple and fast ones or cute bakes, because I can do the bakes at night and photograph them in the morning. I also have not been blogging much, this post has been sitting in my draft folder for more than a week and I'm actually typing this out in the salon using my handphone while I'm doing my hair, lol.

My second Christmas themed creation using Totoro, the first one is over here. This is actually a simplified version of what I had in mind, I did not have much time to work on this, so I decided to forgo a few details. Maybe I'll remake this again next year with all the elements I had wanted.

Totoro is made of rice mixed with grinded black sesame, nori, crabstick, cheese, tomato and fried pasta sticks. The side dish was Japanese pork curry.

The Christmas tree at the back was made of broccoli, carrots, cheese and crabstick. No time to make some presents under the tree, so I placed cherry tomatoes there instead.

I also made a Totoro chigiri-pan and decorated it into Christmas themed. I baked it in the cast iron skillet in this picture.

Found this familiar? The basic recipe for this has been shared before on my blog over here. To make this Christmas version, I simply added on a Christmas hat using heart shaped sprinkler and marshmallow and the scarf was cut out from marshmallow.

I used melted chocolate to stick on the sprinkler. There is no need to use anything to stick on the marshmallow, the cut side of marshmallow is sticky and can stick on by itself.

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  1. Both are so cute! Love your creative idea with the Christmas Totoro bread!

  2. very creative! I have bookmarked your page as my reference for making charaben for my girl. ;) Eunice


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