Monday 28 March 2016

Star Wars Bento & Baguette

Star Wars are my boys' current favourites, thanks to The Force Awakens. These days all they watch are Star Wars related videos, so are the toys and video games they play. I'm not a Star Wars fan myself, but due to their obsession, I decided to make them some Star Wars themed food.

First up, I made this chibi Stormtrooper, ingredients used was just rice and nori. I also made a bb-8 out of quail eggs, nori and carrots.

Both the boys wanted their hands in the picture, lol. That's IT holding the bento, and LT holding the light saber bento picks.

I had placed the light saber picks in the bento, but my boys took them out because they said Stormtroopers do not use light sabres. -_-

Star Wars themed baguette, can you recognise the characters? I made Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Yoda. I wanted to make bb-8 and C-3PO, but was rushing that day, so I left them out eventually.

I was not even done making these, and my boys came over for a look and they could already guess the characters, shows how familiar they are with Star Wars now, lol.

It's fun to make and eat these, we usually have them for tea time, something to fill their tummies a little before dinner, as they are always asking for food to eat in the afternoon.

IT asked for a Star Wars cake for his birthday last month, and he chose this icing sheet. I did an awful job with the icing though, but the birthday boy did not seemed to notice when I showed him the cake, thank goodness, lol. I did not make a sushi cake for his birthday like I always did in previous year, because I remembered my lesson from last year, I did not want to rush again, this time, I just concentrated on making the birthday cake and cooking his favourite food.

I forgot to update about this, flowers my boys bought for my birthday last year. I'll probably take a photo of the cards they drew and update here for my own records too.

They bought the flowers in Japan, here's another picture of it with our favourite combini breakfast items, which we have for breakfast almost everyday there, my boys' onigiri, and my sandwich. My hubby's breakfast is missing, because he was actually having his breakfast on the go, while in the long queue to get the fast pass for my boys's favourite ride at Disneysea, lol. Yes, the ride is so popular that there is even a ridiculous long queue just to get a fast pass. -_-


  1. I love both versions, super cool and creative! I'll have to show my son and hubby later, they are Star Wars fans!


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