Sunday 6 March 2016

Totoro toast & pizza

I'm sorry for the lack of updates these two weeks, been rather busy, so I'm tired to update the blog at night. I will try to update at least another post next week, there's a tutorial for Easter I'm hoping to share soon.

I was looking through my old photos today and found so many creations I've yet to share on the blog, finally decided to choose some of my Totoro creations for this post.

This totoro toast is very simple to make, I toasted multi grained bread, and then spread on some cream cheese for Totoro's tummy. The other ingredients used were cheese, cucumbers, olives and almond.

I also made some fruit sandwiches for my boys to eat. I've been seeing these on various Japanese Instagram accounts. They look so pretty and yummy, I've always wanted to try them out.

These are actually Totoro pizzas, but made out of bread, instead of pizza dough.

I spread on some ketchup on bread before layering them with salami slices and cheese. The details were done using green bell peppers and olives.

These can be made in advance and then lightly toasted just before serving.

Totoro nutella banana toast to end today's post. I sandwiched nutella and banana with two slices of toasted bread, this combi taste surprisingly good together. :)


  1. So cute! Me too, so busy and tired these few weeks and no time to update my blog as well!

  2. 每一次看见Ming的作品都让我心情变好^^

    1. Tk u, Wan Wan. :) You must watch Descendants of the sun too!

  3. This is absolutely amazing and very cute. I was amazed with the baymax food creation. That is so nice. =)

  4. Both toast and pizza are so cute! Especially love the fruit sandwiches, mouth watering!


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