Wednesday 20 April 2016

Sleeping Rilakkuma Bento

Exams are coming soon again, time seems to pass so fast, we are almost halfway through the term, seems like yesterday the new school year just started. I dislike getting my boys to do revisions, they dislike it much more, but it's something we can't avoid and have to go through.

I was looking through some of my archive to see what  I've yet to blog, and decided on this sleeping Rilakkuma bento, which I took step-by-step photos of.

I feel like snuggling in bed with my blankets too, lol. Maybe I should go and do so after finishing up this post and leave the chores aside for a while. :P

I used ketchup to colour the rice here, if you prefer Rilakkuma to look brown, you can also use dark soy sauce/teriyaki sauce to colour the rice instead.

As with all my tutorials, I'm not claiming this is the correct or best way to make this bento, but I'm simply just sharing how I made it.

You will need a thin omelette, you can season it with a pinch of salt, and cook it over a low fire.

Add ketchup to rice and mix well.

Scoop rice onto cling wrap and mould out the head, ears, hand and body as shown in the picture.

Fill the base of your bento box with a layer of rice loosely, before placing the head and body onigiri on top. You can also arrange lettuce or your side dishes at the base instead of using rice.

Slice omelette into quarters.

Fold each omelette quarter and arrange around the rice.

Add in the hand and ears, you can use pasta stick to sercure the parts.

Using a round cutter or a pair of scissors, cut out the ears from cheese.

Using a round cutter or a pair of scissors, cut out the mouth from cheese.

Using a nori punch, punch out circles for Rilakkuma's nose, the other details can be cut out using a pair of scissors.

Dab on some ketchup using a chopstick and ta-dah, you are done.

Sorry, not too good with explaining, but hope the photos help you to visualise how I did this. :)


  1. Super cute, I love the omelette blanket! I hate all the SAs that are coming up, I have to keep nagging at my kids to study and I am super short tempered during this period too!

  2. Adorable bento and it's making me so hungry now, lol! My son's exams are still on, they have it 2 days a week here & I wish they have it all in one stretch!

    1. Tk u, Rina. I like it spread out instead, lol.

  3. I have a question that might sound stupid but do they eat the bento cold or they heat them up in the microwave??

    1. Most charabens are meant to be eaten cold (i.e. at room temperature). You can heat it up if you pack in suitable boxes. But please take note that some parts like cheese on the characters will melt after heating up, so the design will spoil


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