Friday 4 May 2012

Star Wars Bento

Today is May the 4th, and it's Star Wars Day. :) Lol, no I did not know that this day exists, I'm not really a Star Wars fan, I learnt about it from the ladies at Bento Bloggers group. So I'm joining in the fun, by making Star Wars bentos and linking up for Star Wars bento hop. :) Remember to click on the logo at the end of the post to go on a 'May the 4th be with you' blog hop. :)

Bento for IT's recess, in the box are nutella bread, grilled wings and grapes. I did not come up with this idea for storm trooper, I stole the idea from this bento. I was googling for Star Wars ideas and fell in love it, so I replicate the same idea with seaweed and flattened bread. :)

Bento for LT to bring to School, same food as above.

Lunch bento for IT, in the box are multi grained rice, grilled wings, broccoli, golden kiwis and strawberries.

Lunch bento for LT, same food as above. Darth Vader is done by stacking flattened charcoal bread with cheese and seaweed.

May the Force be with you. :)

Mushroom bruschetta for me. :) Next Monday is a School holiday over here, so I'll be back again on Tuesday. :)

Now, click on the logo above to see the awesome bentos over at Nina's blog, and follow the hop from there. May the Fourth be with you. :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!!!!!

  2. Everything looks wonderful!

  3. omgoodness, your details are AMAZING Ming! Fabulous as always!!

  4. I love these! The storm trooper looks really scary!

  5. Too cute!!! Because the pictures are on Flickr I had to snip one to my desktop and upload it for Pinterest. Too good not to share :)

    1. Tk u so much, Karen. I've no idea Flickr photos can't be shared on Pinterest. Tks a lot 4 taking the trouble to do so. :)

  6. Wow! The deatil on Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper are amazing! I love your lunches! The datails are stunning!

  7. Looks great! And I love your new blog layout! ^^ I was too lazy to make a bento but I'm going to have to make /something/ for today, hehe!

  8. These are amazing!!! Awesome job :D

  9. Love the new blog layout! Your lunch is awesome and looks crazy yummy!

  10. You are insanely talented, love them all!
    And the new blog look too :)

  11. Thank you very much everyone for all your comments. Much appreciated. :)

  12. these are amazing, and darth vader blows my mind1


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