Thursday 10 May 2012

Stitch Bento

It's not the first time I made Stitch, the boys prefer a fierce looking Stitch, but Mummy me prefers the cute version, which is easier to make as well. Oh well, maybe next time, I'll take up the challenge and attempt a really fierce looking one. :)

Bento for IT, in the box are onigiri, beef stew, salmon belly, strawberries and golden kiwis.

Bento for LT, same food as above.

Bento for IT's recess, in the box are nutella bread, salmon belly and grapes. A quick Stitch made with the Stitch cutter and puncher set.

Bento for LT to bring to School, same food as above, except he's having strawberry jam bread. I thought this Stitch looks fiercer, but the boys say it's not fierce enough. They also asked why is he in this colour? Lol. :P

My old boxes and new ones. :) The plastic boxes are old ones, dug them out from the back of my cupboard. The wooden ones are new, been drooling over Rakuten's wooden boxes for almost a year, finally bought them. The ones I wanted were way too expensive though, so I settled for this cheaper range. :)

Japanese style beef stew for my lunch. :)


  1. Ming, ur bread fits nicely in the lunchbox. Did u use the lunchbox itself as the cutter? Wouldn't it be too big to squeeze inside the lunchbox? Fm Emily

    1. I used the lunchbox to imprint, n cut out with scissors, not too bug, can fit nicely. :)

  2. Ming, I love the Stitch, color turned out great! Love the variety of your lunch boxes too! Thanks for the info on packing rice. I have to pack with ice pack and the rice turns out cold for his lunch :( He don't mind but I kind of pity him, you will understand that we eat warm rice at home.

  3. Rina, tks! Our rm temp rice is still cold. My boys dun like their fd hot/warm, so it's still ok. But if u prefer ur rice warm, can pack in thermal, shd not be problem keeping it warm for ard 3 hrs.

  4. Hallo Ming,
    just want to ask you ... what did u used for the color of blue stitch?

    1. I used blue colouring powder made fr red cabbage. :) Please leave behind a nick/name if u are signing off as Anonymous. Tks. :)

  5. Thank you Ming ,, your blog and your bento is fantastic ,, love this stitch so much (^^,)

    I thought you used decofuri to colouring your rice, because I bought some decofuri for coloring the rice, but I don't know how to use them.

    and by the way my name is Sie (^^,)

    1. Tks Sie. :) I do use deco furi too, but we dun hv blue color in our packs here. For deco furi, u just hv to mix in when ur rice is hot/warm. Take note its salty though.

  6. thank so much for your info ,, (^^,) frm: sie


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