Friday 15 February 2013

Bee Bento & Trudeau Cutlery Review

I'm reviewing the Trudeau Fuel foldable cutlery set for today. :)

Here's what they look like. They come in a few colours, the ones I got are in red and blue, which happened to be the boys' favourite colour. LT loves blue and IT loves red. :)

These stainless steel cutlery sets are ergonomically designed with plastic handles which are comfortable for kids to hold on to. They are made from BPA free and eco-friendly materials and have a 5 year warranty. :)

Here's how they look after being folded into the handles. Such a clever design, you no longer have to worry about whether your cutlery can fit into your lunchboxes. :)

Sharing this Valentine's Day bees in love lunch which I made for my boys yesterday. They are packed in Trudeau Fuel everest sandwich box. I packed salmon mayo sandwiches, seafood pancakes, grapes, broccoli and strawberries. :)

A closer look at the bees, did you notice their trail forms a heart as well? :)

Good news if you like the sandwich box and cutlery set I just shared, Trudeau Corp has kindly sent an extra sandwich box and cutlery set for giveaway. Giveaway will be up next Thursday. Please check back my blog to join then. :)
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  1. So cute bees! The details in the wings and trails are great

  2. Agreed! Love the detail! Did you line the nori up on the wings yourself, or did you have a tool that made that easy for you? Wow!

    1. Tk u, yes, I lined up the nori myself, using a pair of pincers. Kindly leave behind a nick/name next time if you are commenting ad Anonymous. :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the idea how they design the cutlery to be keep in!

    1. Tk u very much, Yenn, yes, very clever design. :)

  4. How do you do the eyelashes for girl bee?

    1. They are punched out from nori using this Carla craft puncher with '-_-' expression. Kindly leave a nick or name next time if you are commenting as anonymous. Tk you. :)

  5. Thanks Bentomonsters! That is an amazing idea! Just to make sure, the boy bee eye is from a punched smile and the girl bee is the same but with the flat eye as eyelashes added on to the same, right?
    - Lola


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