Tuesday 24 June 2014

Bubbly World Hello Kitty Bento

Macdonalds launched the Bubbly World Hello Kitty collection at the end of April. There was no mayhem mad rush this round as compared to the previous Fairy Tale Hello Kitty collection. This time the entire set could be ordered online,  a great option for those who do not want to join the queue at the restaurant or eat their food. I did not get any though as my Fairy Tale plushies are still collecting dust at home. -_-

The Bubbly World series features Hello Kitty dressed up as her friends, I chose to recreate two of my favourite design. The first one is Hello Kitty dressed up as Keroppi.

There was basil chicken, stir-fried peasprouts with mushrooms and strawberries in the other bento box on the left.

Ingredients used to make Keroppi Hello Kitty were rice ( coloured green using deco furi), egg, nori, crabstick, and ham.

The other character I made was Hello Kitty dressed up as Badtz-Maru, on a slice of grilled cheese toast.

Ingredients used for this were egg, nori, cheese and strawberries.
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