Thursday 5 June 2014

Totoro Birthday Sushi Cake

It's LT's 7th birthday last week. He is growing up so fast and yet he is still very much our baby at home. I have been worried about whether he can cope in primary school, but he has done surprisingly well so far, which is a huge relief for me.

I made a Totoro sushi cake on LT's birthday. I'm not sure if you can tell, but it was a super rush job making this. I had not much time left, as I was baking his birthday cake before this and it took longer than I planned. -_- This was not the original idea, I ended up making a simpler version instead. I was so tempted to remake this the next day, but I stopped myself as it would have been meaningless as his birthday was already over. My boys thought it was nicely done though, which is a huge consolation. I think I will most likely remake this again next year.

The cake was rice stacked with smoked salmon and ebikko. The roses were rolled up smoked salmon. Totoro was made using mashed potato, did not have time to mould them nicely, hiaz. :( I also cooked LT's favourite fried chicken that day, did not have time to arrange the food so I left it out of the picture.

Birthday cake requested by LT, he chose the picture and I got it printed on an icing sheet.

The cake is a strawberry shortcake which my boys always order on their birthday without fail, lol. You can get the recipe HERE, I always use back this recipe that they like.

LT also requested for cookies to give his classmates and teachers, so I baked butter cookies for them. Butter cookies recipe can be found HERE.

I used some of the birthday cake batter and whipped cream to make some rose cupcakes.

I've always wanted to make these, surprisingly these roses were rather easy to pipe. :)
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  1. Love the sushi cake, I think it looks great! And your cookies are so nicely packaged! You did an amazing job with all this!

  2. You eally are amazing Ming!! Looks beatiful! My guess is that the birthday child was really happy!

  3. Hello Bentomonsters. I love your sushi cake so cute, despite you time miss you to do it. The rose cup cakes are lovely. Isabelle Torloting (Lovin Bento)

  4. I find it awesome the sushi cake!!! You're so amazing!!

  5. 妈妈好棒!

  6. What technique do you use to create the rose icing? Your work is always so beautiful.

    - Lola

    1. Lola, do you mean the rose cupcakes? They are quite easy to make, you just have to use the right tip. I did not take pictures of how to get it done, but you should be able to search videos on YouTube on how to pipe one.


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