Thursday 12 June 2014

Sleeping Cat Wrap and Sandwich

We are going off for our holiday this sunday, just a short trip, will be back again on wednesday. It's unlikely that we will have internet access this time, have scheduled a post for next week, it will be up if my autopost works. Sorry, no time and not hardworking enough to schedule more posts, lol, you probably would have guessed, from my loss of blogging mojo lately.

This was lunch for my boys and I a couple of weeks back. I decided to make some wraps for our lunch as I was bored with our usual noodles/rice/sandwich.

I love wraps, it's a fast, fuss-free one dish meal, not to mention easy to eat on the go as well. I filled the wraps with eggs, teriyaki pork and lettuce.

Sleeping kitty is made from egg and nori.

I also made sleeping kitties in sleeping bags. IT went for his first overnight camp at the beginning of the school holiday. He got to sleep in a sleeping bag under the ocean tunnel in the S.E.A Aquarium, so very cool!

These sleeping kitties sandwiches are actually a remake of a popular sleeping bunny tutorial on my blog. Click HERE to check out that post if you missed it.

Mummy Kitty hugging baby to sleep. :)

Here's how to make your own sleeping kitty sandwich. Prepare one hard boiled egg. Slice egg into half.

Use half of the egg for the head. Cut out kitty's hand and ears from the other half.

Cut out your bread, using the egg as a guide.

Fold bread over egg and secure everything using pasta.

I used this puncher for kitty's nose, the other details were cut out using nori. Dot on blusher with some decor gel or ketchup.

And it's done, pretty easy to make. :)

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  1. wonderful work again! cute kitties zzz

  2. wow wow wow how cute is that? :-)
    I LOve your blog, i am a new follower....
    How cute and sweet ... Thank´s for idea

  3. that's really cute 😍
    i love it ,, thank you for sharing it with us 😊
    i rally love your blog


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