Monday 30 June 2014

Bear Pasta

It's going to be a busy school term for us. IT just came back from school with a notification that he is selected for a basketball competition, so there will be extra trainings for him this term. That translate to another day of lunch delivery for me. Not sure whether IT can cope with all the extra trainings, since his school work this year is quite heavy, guess we'll just have to take one step at a time and see how things go.

I made this bear pasta before the school holidays. It's really fast and easy to make, I'm sharing the steps in this post to show you how simple it is to recreate this. :)

This was bolognese pasta, if you need a recipe for the bolognese sauce, you can click HERE to check out a recipe I shared before.

I chose bow pasta, but you can replace with other pasta if you prefer.

Roughly arrange bolongese sauce in the shape of a bear, fill up the spaces with pasta. You can add on additional sauce to make the bear shape more defined after filling up the spaces with pasta.

Slice cucumber and place on sauce.

Using round cutters, cut out the bear's eyes and blush from cheese and ham respectively. Use a bigger cutter for the eyes and a smaller one for the blush.

Cut out eyes and nose from nori using a pair of scissors. You can use some mayo to "stick" on the nori if needed. There, just a few steps, and your bear pasta is ready. :)
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  1. 恭喜IT!妈咪放心,我相信他一定有办法胜任。

  2. Congrats on IT being selected for the competition! Good exposure for him. :) Love this pasta, looks adorable!

  3. Congrats IT ^_^

    Love this & creative!!

  4. I love the super cute bear pasta and will definitely have to try this someday! Congrats to IT for being selected, that is fantastic!:)


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