Friday 23 January 2015

CuteZCute Robo Bread

Sorry for the lack of updates, had a crazy week, something unpleasant happened as well, hiaz, don't feel like talking about it. :(  Next week will be even busier, but things should get slightly better for me after that. I know some of you want the recipe for my steamed buns, I will get one of the buns recipe updated next week. Meanwhile, if you want to make something cute for Chinese New Year, you might want to click HERE to check out my piggy pineapple tarts recipe from last year. The same post has instructions to shape bunny and panda pineapple tarts too.


For today, let me share with you this new Robo Bread cutter from CuteZCute. We received this just before the start of school, just perfect, as I can use it to cut my boys' sandwiches for school. I love all of CuteZCute cutters, you can make cute food quickly and easily with the help of their cutters. And they always allow you to mix and match so you can come up with multiple combinations.

These are the contents of the box. The black cutter allows you to cut out the robot shape. The red panels has cutter and stamper shapes for you to customise your robot. The robot food pick can be used to remove small cut-outs from the cutters or as a bento pick to decorate your bento lunch box.

This is my favourite part, the cutter panels can fold and "transform" into blocks to fit inside the body and head cutter. There's a place for you to slot in the robot food pick as well, so everything can be easily stored.

Here's our robot bento, everything is cut out using the Robo Bread cutter. The robot was a ham and cheese sandwich.

 I also packed in carrot pork patties, grapes and strawberries.

A closer look at the sandwich, I used cheese for the arms, legs and antenna and carrot for the bolt.  :)
Where to get cutter used in today's post:


  1. This is so cute! Hope things settle down for you soon!

  2. Jia you!Jia you!!
    Wow!this is super cool~I love it♥

  3. I remember and love the tarts which you made last year!:) Cute robot bento, and I hope things will get better for you soon!


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