Tuesday 13 January 2015

Gudetama Bento

I was planning to update a review post today for a new bento box, but there were some problems with one of the links, so I've to update it another day. I'll just do up a fast post today of my Gudetama bento from last year.


Have you seen this Sanrio character before? His name is Gutetama, he is a lazy egg, who does not wants to do anything, lol. -_- Most of the time, he just wants to sleep, under his bacon blanket. You can go Youtube to search for short animation clips of Gutetama if you are interested, very hilarious.

He's quite an easy character to make for charaben, I just cut out nori for the features and add it onto sunny side up, cover with slice of bacon and it's done. The side dishes for this bento were broccoli and sweet and sour chicken. Everything is packed in a book bento box. My boys bring this book bento box to school very often, it's a good size to pack their recess food in.

I accidentally broke the egg yolk while I transferred it onto the bento box. -_- Just a note, if you are packing this for school, please ensure that the egg is fully cooked. The boys ate this bento at home during the school holidays.
Where to get same or similar items used in today's bento:


  1. Love your creativity! In your older post I saw carrot was cut into round checker shape. Can I know what kind of cutter is that n where to buy it? Mainly pple use it for potato but u used in carrot... so nice

    1. Thank you. I got it in Japan, I think it was a Tokyu Hands, you can try the Tokyu hands here. It's called a wave cutter.

  2. Cute and yummy bento, I LOVE bacon! I have not heard about the character and going to check it now on Youtube.:)

  3. Can't believe I've not come across this character but it looks so cute! Love his bacon blanket and that must be so yummy!

  4. 谢分享,这Sanrio人物好有趣,我也要上网搜一搜^^


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