Monday 5 January 2015

Rilakkuma Bedroom & Car

My boys are back to school again. IT went back last Friday and IT just went back to school today. IT already brought back homework since the first day of school. His extra trainings for CCA is starting in week 2 even though the tournament date is not out yet. Looks like it's going to be a busy term.


I made a few sheep bentos to welcome in the year of the sheep, but let me clear some creations I did last year first, I'll share my sheep ones next week. This is a Rilakkuma bedroom sandwich, the 3D version. The furnitures were made out of bread, cheese and nori. Rilakkuma and his bolster were made using mashed potatoes. For more details on how to use mashed potatoes to shape characters, look at the tutorial I posted HERE.

A slightly special sandwich filling this time, I prepared salad and dry curry chicken for them to eat with their bread.

Rilakkuma sleeps like LT, he always kicks off his blanket without fail every night, lol.

Rilakkuma taking a spin in a Rilakkuma car, lol. I did a tutorial on how to make bears bread cars before, they are not difficult to make and great for kids to pack for school. The link to the tutorial is HERE.

I filled this bread car with tuna mayonnaise, and the food in the cup was Japanese potato salad.

Rilakkuma and his chick friend was made from mashed potatoes. I packed everything in a foldable sandwich box. I love foldable boxes, save space when keeping, I'm running out of space to keep my bento stuff. -_-
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  1. Very creative! Is the mini glass n bread.. a toy?

  2. This is fantastic Ming! I love the bedroom set and car, and especially Rilakkuma with his leg on the blanket, so creative!!

  3. These are so adorable! I am also running out of space for bento stuff, had to give away some items I don't use anymore.

    1. Tk u, Jean, I can't bear to give away, hiaz. :(

  4. 天啊!太生动可爱了!两款都爱,尤其是Rilakkuma的睡姿。。我儿子睡姿也是这个模样,不爱盖被^^

    1. 谢谢你,婉婉,看来小孩都是这样,哈哈。


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