Sunday 5 April 2015

Bunny & Penguin Easter Bento

Happy Easter! I only managed to make two Easter themed bentos this year, had more ideas but I forgot to start making them earlier, such a waste. It's too late to share my past Easter themed bentos for you to get ideas since Easter is almost over from where I'm located, lol. But if you still want to take a look, please click HERE.

Bunny Easter basket bento is packed in MB Gram, the new kids snack box from Monbento.

The snack box comes in four vibrant colours, I've got the kiwi and banana. The box comes with an attached lid and is perfect for packing snacks for our little ones.

Easter basket was made out of bread. If you find the basket familiar, it's because I made similar baskets before over HERE.

The bunny is made out of quail egg, ham and nori. The Easter eggs are cut out from coloured quail eggs, cheese and ham. I coloured the quail eggs pink, yellow and blue, by soaking them in beetroot, turmeric and red cabbage water respectively. The colours are not as vibrant as using food colouring, but I quite like the pastel shade.

I also made a pair of penguins for Easter. Why penguins for Easter? It's because I came across a picture of a pair of penguins, one just hatched from an egg and one wearing a bunny headgear on an Easter Day card. And I decided to recreate the pair for my boys' dinner.

Eggs were coloured the same way as I mentioned earlier. However, the egg coloured using red cabbage is purple here instead of blue because I accidentally mixed in some beetroot water with red cabbage water instead.


  1. 真让人心情变好的便当,两款我都好喜欢♡

  2. Both are so adorable! Beautiful pastel shades for the Easter eggs!

  3. I LOVE the Easter basket bento, and the penguins are so adorable!

  4. Beautiful, i love this.
    From Lima, Perú - South America


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