Wednesday 29 April 2015

Captain America & Hulk Bento

Have you watched the newly released Avengers: Age of Ultron yet? The boys want to watch, but we need to revise for IT's upcoming exams, so we'll probably wait till his exams are over. Hopefully the movie will still be screening by then.

Meanwhile, I thought I'll make them Avengers themed bentos first, lol. I started off with Captain America. I managed to dye ham blue using butterfly pea flower, which is also known as blue pea flower. I've been wanting to try it since my Mario bento last year, but did not test it out till now. I simply dyed the water blue using butterfly pea flower first, and then I used an almost white coloured ham and soaked it in the blue water. This slice of ham in the picture was soaked only for a while, I left another piece in there longer to test out and that piece turned out a darker shade.

Happy that it worked, I've used butterfly pea flower to colour my rice countless times, and have also tried it on noodles, egg white and kamaboko successfully. I've even used it to make blue bread way back in 2012, see this post HERE, I used the blue bread to make Cookie Monster.

I know some of you have feedback that you can't get hold of the flowers from where you stay, there's actually another good way to colour your rice blue naturally, use red cabbage. It works for egg white and kamaboko, but for cooking rice, you need to add a bit of baking soda before you use the water to cook the rice. I've not tried it on ham, I'll update when I do. :)

Captain America was made using rice, ham, cheese, red bell peppers and nori. The side dishes were garlic baked prawns, beef enoki rolls and broccoli.

The second bento I made was Hulk. He looks like he needs a hair cut, lol. -_-

The side dishes for this was salmon, sweet peas, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes.

Hulk was made using rice coloured with mashed peas. I used red cabbage for his pants and charcoal noodles for his hair. The charcoal noodles were the same batch as the ones I made for Harry Potter's hair much earlier. I divided some of the noodles into small packs and froze them at that time.


  1. wow!!Both of them are sooo cute!!
    Ming,you are so talented!!the col turn out very nice♥♥I luv natural col too,I have tried to use butterfly pea flower to make bread.. but not sucess yet><

  2. Love both of these! I am a big fan of the Marvel heroes :)

  3. OMG they look fantastic. I love both and all of the detailings and color!!!

  4. Ming
    I really love ur idea!
    it's so creative!
    I have butterfly pea flower
    will definitely try this
    thank you for sharing

  5. These are fantastic!! We can't get butterfly pea flour in the UK, do you have another suggestion for the blue colour? Thank you!
    Sweeterella x

    1. You can try using the water from boiling red cabbage. I've used it to dye eggs before and it turns them a nice pastel blue. I've not tried it on ham but I think it might work.


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