Monday 31 December 2012

CuteZcute Rilakkuma Bento

Happy New Year! School will start on Wednesday for IT, and Friday for LT. My boys will be in morning session, it will be a big adjustment for us. My boys have always been in the afternoon session. We will all have to get use to the new schedule. I doubt I will make them charabens for School, will just pack a simple bento decorated with picks, so I will no longer share those. However, I will try to make them a charaben either for lunch, snack or dinner instead. :)

I made Rilakkuma for my boys' snacks last Friday, cut using CuteZcute. I'm sharing the tutorial in this post. Please also check back on Wednesday to enter my CuteZcute giveaway. :)

Ham sandwich, with grapes and strawberries.

A closer look at Rilakkuma. :)

To make Rilakkuma, cut out bread with cutter.

Press slightly using the blunt surface of the pig cutter on cheese to make a slight imprint of the oval shape. Use a toothpick and cut out, using the imprint as your guide. Don't worry if you get the small circles imprinted in the middle as well, just flip over the cheese and use the other side instead.

The eyes, nose and mouth were cut out using the cat and pig cutter on bread crust.

 For the ears, cut out a portion first using the above cutter.

Flip the cheese and cut again using the same cutter.

Assemble all the cut outs and you get your Rilakkuma sandwich! :)

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Items used in today's bentos:

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