Friday 28 December 2012

Doraemon Bento & Fujiko Museum

We dropped by Fujiko Museum on our recent trip to Tokyo. A must visit if you are a Doraemon fan. You need to purchase the tickets in advance at Lawsons. We all love Doraemon cartoons, and the boys have been digging out all their Doraemon cartoons after returning home. :) Their favourite now is the the movie Nobita's Dinosaur.

Something I've always wanted to do, Doraemon with his sister, Dorami and friends, Nobita and Shizuka-chan. I'm more familiar with their Chinese names though. :)

The main box contains rice, broccoli and tomatoes. The box behind contains fried chicken. Dorami is coloured with deco furi, Doraemon is coloured with butterfly pea flower and Nobita and Shizuka-Chan are made from short grained brown rice.

Bento is shared between my boys and me. IT ate Doraemon, LT ate Nobita and they had half of Dorami each. Shizuka-Chan went to me.

Sharing some shots taken at Fujiko Museum below.

A Doraemon bus to take us to the museum. :)

Doraemon spotted, lol.

 The bell!

This was what greeted us when we got down from the bus, lol. The museum concept is pretty much like Ghibli MuseumThere are lots of very cool and interesting exhibits at the exhibition rooms, as well as movie screening, but no photo taking is allowed. We are only allowed to take photos at the kids interaction area, outdoors and in the restaurant.  So, I only have some food photos to share with you, lol.

Pardon all my badly taken food photos, it was a long wait to get into the restaurant. Everyone was famished by then, so I just took a quick snap of all the food. Daddy ordered this, it's Katsudon.

IT wanted ramen.

LT ordered the kids meal! :)

I had this, I forgot what it was, I think it was gratin, lol. I confess I ordered this because of the Doraemon picture on it, lol. :P

We shared this, the chicken was very good!

The plate and napkin!

Ending the trip with some sweets. We did take photos outdoor and at the kids interaction area, but won't be sharing those as the pictures have us in them. No longer sharing pictures of us, though I've not deleted the past pictures that I've shared yet. :P I'll probably just leave those old photos of us on the blog, unless I change my mind in future. :P

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  1. Like Like Like! i like all your bento, photos and your experience, etc. :))

  2. 喜欢你的小叮当便当!


    1. 谢谢!如果你喜欢小叮当,的确应该到那一游。:)

  3. Love your Doreamon bento especially with his sister :) I have several t.shirts for N that I purchased from Asia before, it is difficult to find them here. Very cheerful bus and the foods look delish!

    1. Tk u, Rina. My boys only hv one Doreamon tee each, I can't seem to find nice ones here.

  4. You make such lovely onigiri! May I ask which brand of short grain rice do you use? Those I used actually turn out pretty sticky irregardless of how long I have soaked the grains or how many times I washed them.

    1. Jean, I use japonica rice, under Fairprice hsebrand. I don't soak the rice though.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation! Will check it out this weekend when I get groceries.


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