Monday 3 December 2012

Christmas Bento

I made all these last Friday, my kitchen is closed this week. We'll be flying off for holiday tomorrow, yay! :) I hope I've time to do more Christmas bentos when I'm back, I still have a few ideas I want to do. :) And there will be some giveaway coming up soon, will update when I'm back. :)

Lunch for the boys, they shared the food on the tray and they each had a bowl of curry meatballs. :) I made a boy decked in winter wear and a boy wearing a reindeer hat. :) The wreath on the right is made out of broccoli, crabstick and sprinkers. The lights on top are pasta and M&Ms.

2 of the M&Ms were out of place, they probably shifted while I was moving the tray to another corner to take a photo. :( I did not notice till I uploaded the photo. -_-

I also made some simple Christmas sandwiches for our snacks. There's Santa, Rudolph, snowman and a strawberry Chritmas tree.

This was lunch for me, stir fried some black pepper scallops for my box. The cucumbers are meant to be a wreath, lol. :P

I'll update the blog again in around two weeks, hope to share all about bento shopping in bentoland then. :)
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