Tuesday 9 December 2014

Clown Pasta

Back at Tokyo for the remaining of our holidays, did not managed to finish this post before I left. We are waiting for our shuttle to transfer to Disney hotel and since I've some time, I'm finishing up this post while waiting. :) We have been eating non-stop this trip, I don't dare to go back and weigh myself, lol.


Meatball pasta which I turned into a clown. The pasta was made using Philips noodle maker, I've not been buying noodles since I received the noodles maker. Click HERE for my detailed post on the Philips noodle maker.

Clown's hair was tomato pasta, and his face was a meat patty covered in cheese. Other ingredients used for his face were nori and tomato.

Here's how the dinner looks like undecorated, this was mine. I used a meatball recipe but shaped them bigger as patties instead. Hubby was away on a work trip when I cooked this, which was just perfect as he does not like to eat beef.

I took a video on how I made the noodles but had some problem uploading it to this post before I left, so I left it out. You can find the video at my Instagram account if you are interested.


  1. aww...adorable clown ^_^ Super love it!

    Have fun and enjoy ya!

  2. Such a cute clown pasta, I love it! I eat a lot and non stop during vacations too, heheh.:) Enjoy the great food Ming!:)

  3. Very cute clown pasta! We are bringing the kids to Tokyo Disney next week too. Have a great time in Tokyo!

  4. 哈哈,别怕,能吃是福啊^^旅途快乐。


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