Wednesday 17 December 2014

Olaf & Penguin Christmas Bento

I'm back in Singapore, the holiday seems to be over so fast, wished I was still in Japan, now I've to wait another year till my next winter holiday. Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy with chores upon returning. I've quite a few Christmas bentos ideas, but I doubt I can make them all. I managed to rush out one today, might make another one before Christmas.


Do you wanna build a snowman? Look at what this pair of penguins built! They built Olaf, complete with a festive Santa hat, lol.

Not sure if you find this scene familiar. This was actually inspired by my own Christmas food art 2 years back. I made two penguins building a snowman then. Click HERE to take a look.

Olaf was made from rice, nori, carrots, cheese, egg sheet and boiled kombu. The penguins were made from rice, noir, egg sheet and carrots. My original plan was to make a Christmas tree too, but I had to forgo it as I've not enough time today. Side dishes for dinner today were grilled chicken skewers and asparagus. I also made bbq ribs today, but they were still baking in the oven when I took this picture, lol.

Also sharing this Olaf bento I made around 2 months ago for my sister. She's been saying she wants to try my bento, so I made her this, she likes Olaf. The dishes in the bento were cajun air-fried wings, mushrooms, broccoli, tamagoyaki and edamame. Argh, placed one of the musical picks wrongly again, only realised while I was looking at the photo. Not the first time I placed it wrongly. -_-

I know this one is not exactly Christmas themed, but hey, it's winter themed, which always reminds me of Christmas. Alright, I'm just being lazy, so I'm just making up an excuse so I can share it in this post, lol.
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