Tuesday 30 December 2014

Baymax Oden Hotpot & Noodles

2014 is coming to an end very soon, it is unlikely that I will blog another post before 2015, so this will be my last post for 2014. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year!

It has been a busy year for me, with LT entering primary school this year. With both of them in different sessions and their school temporarily located in another location for these 2 years, I had to make a few trips throughout the day, more trips when IT stayed back in school and I would deliver his lunch over. It will be the same for next year, totally not looking forward to it, but I know all will be fine once I get use to the routine again.

I still managed to find pockets of time for making food art and charabens this year, though not as often as I did in previous years. However, I've cut down a lot on blogging this year, after a long day and my boys have gone to bed, I just wanted to relax at night, the last thing I wanted to do would be to switch on my laptop and blog. I even thought of shutting down my blog, but changed my mind thereafter, lol.

This year, I'm also very thankful for the article on Daily Mail about my bentos, that resulted in my bentos being mentioned by sites all over the world. I've also received requests asking me to conduct workshops, talks, demos, as well as to order my bentos, I'm really sorry for rejecting, I'm just not interested in doing such stuff. Making food cute is just a hobby for me, which I enjoy doing when I'm free, for my 2 boys. I do, however, take on food art design work online and do review for products that I'm interested in, as long as my schedule permits.


Sorry for typing so much, just wanted to do a closure to 2014. Alright, ending the year with our favourite character for this year - Baymax. I wanted to try my hands at creating some radish food art after seeing so many cute ones that had gone viral online. I actually could not decide whether to make the polar bear, alpaca or sheep which I saw online, so I ended up making Baymax instead, as I thought he should be the easiest to make.

Baymax was made out of grated radish. Not exactly an authentic oden, I added in the usual oden ingredients for the pot and used the soup base for oden, but I also added in some shabu shabu pork slices and mushrooms as well. This photo was taken before I added in the soup stock.

This photo was taken after I added in the soup stock and boiled the ingredients. Baymax was still quite intact, lol.

This Baymax noodles was made before we left for our trip. My boys said this Baymax looks funny though. He's actually peeping out sideways, but I think I did not do a good job.

The noodles were made using my Philips noodle maker. I've not bought noodles since I got the machine. I would usually make more and freeze the extras for future use. :) Served the noodles cold with a dipping sauce.

Uploading this picture for myself. I did not blog about my birthday this year, as I did not have any cake recipe to share. LT wanted to bake me a cake, but I was busy, so I told him no, we'll do it next year. -_- My boys made cards and bought me flowers for my birthday. They bought the flowers in Japan this year.

The cards my boys made for me, LT even drew a Baymax bento box, lol.
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  1. Love your Baymax creations! Happy New Year Ming!

  2. Super cool Baymax noodles, looks yummy too! Those flowers that your boys got you are so lovely.
    Happy New Year 2015, Ming!!

  3. congrats and happy new year!

  4. gosh....Baymax so chubby and adorable! Love it so much and you're always creative ^_^ Love both creations!
    Happy New Year to you and your family dear!

  5. Awww both are so cute!!love your Baymax.^^Your boys are so sweet~I will melt if my boy got this lovely flowers give it to me♥haha^^
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Awesome Baymax. I love the one that made out of grated radish. Great idea! Happy New Year & happy belated birthday to you!

  7. Awwww...Ohhh...omg...so cutey Baymax!


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