Monday 1 December 2014

Totoro Autumn Bento

I'm flying off to my holiday on wednesday morning, going to one of my favourite country once again. Hope I am still in time to catch the autumn foliage but I also hope to see the snow, lol, greedy much. :) I only made 2 autumn themed bentos this year, had a few ideas, but simply too busy these few weeks to get them done. :( If you would like to see what I've made for autumn in previous years, you can click HERE to take a look.


This is the second autumn bento I made, that's Totoro sleeping under the maple leaves. Totoro was made using rice, mixed with grinded black sesame, nori, ham, olive and fried pasta. Chibi Totoro was made using rice, cheese and nori. The maple leaves were cut out from egg sheet.

The side dishes were chicken cutlets and broccoli/carrot stir-fry. Everything is packed in a beautiful magewappa box from Bento & Co. Doesn't Totoro looks like he's lying in one of those wooden onsen tub?

There should be some scheduled posts while I'm away, I've yet to actually get any done, hopefully i can do up some tomorrow. There will also be a giveaway while I'm away, I will hold it on my Instagram account next monday night. The item is a black + blum sandwich box, one of the box that you often see me using. Do check out my Instagram next monday if you want to join.
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