Monday 9 March 2015

Duck Cream Stew

Hello, I'm back again, wanted to blog last week but was too tired. I'm finally done with the bulk of my bento project, and will have a little more time at night now. I've so many backlog bentos and recipes to update on my blog, but I'm not sure if I will be more diligent in blogging, as I also want to start on my Korean dramas again, I've not watched them for half a year, so many nice ones for me to catch up on, lol.

I made this duck cream stew around half a year ago for a bento project, but I decided to use another design in the end, so this has been sitting in my archive till I spotted it a few weeks back and shared it on my Instagram.

The ducks were made from rice, served with chicken cream stew. I think I used milk to substitute for cream then, can't be 100 percent sure, that's the problem when I take too long to blog, can't remember all the details anymore. -_-

This duck is really easy to make, more details of the steps below.

Using cling wrap, mould out a round rice ball for the head and an oval one for the body.

Check if the proportion is fine, if not, adjust with more or less rice accordingly.

Take the oval rice ball and mould out the duck's tail.

For the duckling, colour rice yellow by mixing with mashed egg yolk. A pinch of salt can be added if preferred. Using cling wrap, mould out the head and body of the duckling.

Mould out the duckling's tail.

I used the nori punch above to cut out the eyes of the duckling, and I cut out the eyes for the duck using a pair of scissors.

Using a knife, slice out triangles for the duck's bill from carrots.

Attach on the carrots simply by poking it into the rice ball. Spread on a little mayonnaise before placing on the nori, if needed. I really have no idea why I made a crown on the duck's head for the step-by-step photos, my guess is that I changed my mind later, as the final photo of the duck had no crown at all.

Finally, use pasta sticks to attach on the head of the duck to the body. :)
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  1. The ducks are super cute, I love the beak and stew always sound delicious to me!:)

  2. This is super cute!

  3. Super cute those ducks. ��
    For K-dramas, I'm watching Ji Sung's Kill Me Heal Me. ������

    1. Tk u for the recommendation, I've been following dramabeans for the recap and Kill me heal me is definitely on my list. But I'm going to start on Pinocchio first, I missed so many dramas.


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