Sunday 1 March 2015

Sheep Bento & Monbento Tresor

I'm sharing the last bento I made for Chinese New Year. This one is not so festive, but it's Chinese New Year inspired, since this year is the year of the sheep.

A sleeping sheep bento, packed in the new kids' bento box form Monbento. I made this earlier but I was waiting for the bento box to be available at their US site before sharing.

I'm sure all of you are very familiar with the original bento box from Monbento, I did a review before over HERE. Now, they have a new kids bento box called the MB Tresor and it comes in 4 attractive colours. Kids will definitely love the vibrant colours. I got the Banana and Kiwi here, they also have it in Blueberry and Raspberry.

This bento box is a good size for kids, the main compartment is 450ml, and there are 2 food cups of 150ml each. I like the idea of the food cups, because you can pack food like fruits, yoghurt, nuts, etc separately, and yet it can fit in one bento box when closed.

The bento box can also be customised using the 4 removable tokens provided. You can even get your kids to create their own unique tokens. 

I've packed a sandwich bento earlier in this box over HERE. This time I packed rice instead to show you that this box is really quite versatile.

The side dishes I packed in the food cups were chicken cutlets, tamagoyaki, tomatoes and broccoli.

I have photos to show you how I crafted the sheep, more details in the individual photos below.

Colour rice using ketchup. Using cling wrap, mould out the head and the body of the sheep. The sheep body need to be smaller than the final size you want, as we will be adding on more rice later.

Using a pair of scissors, cut out 2 curved lines for the sheep's eyes and a triangle for the nose from nori. Use an oval cutter to cut out 2 ovals from ham.

Boil two cocktail sausages, slice into half lengthwise.

Fill bento box with alfalfa sprouts, arrange the sausages and rice ball on it, secure using pasta sticks if needed.

Using cling wrap, pick up white rice and arrange the white rice loosely.

Cut out a strip of ham and roll it up, this will be for the sheep's horn.

To make the rose flower you see in the food cup. Peel out tomato skin using a vegetable peeler. You can also use a knife to slice it out if you prefer.

Roll up the strip of tomato and you will see the rose forming.
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  1. Awww this is soooo cute!! can't bear to eat.....

  2. Love how fluffy the sheep looks!

  3. Super cute sheep and I love how you made the rice!! Thank you for sharing how you made the rose too, I'll need to give that a try, so pretty! Love the bento box colors, can't wait to get ours in blueberry.


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