Tuesday 23 September 2014

Mario and Luigi Bento

This is the third time I made Super Mario and Luigi, click HERE for my previous bentos. I've fond memories of Super Mario, as it was the only video game I played when I was a kid. My uncle used to sell computers and games in his store, and every school holiday, he would bring me to his store and let me play with Super Mario.

Mario bento for my boys, they used to play Super Mario pretty often previously, but they are recently obsessed over some other games. IT would always use Mario in the game, while LT used Luigi. I read somewhere that if you are the younger brother, you will be the one using Luigi, very true, lol.

The side dishes for this bento were meatballs, broccoli, omelette (which I cut into stars and question mark box), strawberries and kiwis.

Mario was made from rice (coloured using tomato sauce and deco furi), ham, nori and egg. This ham I got looks almost white. The blue portion was ham, which I coloured blue by rubbing on some blue colouring. I must be crazy, because I did not want to substitute the blue with another colour and yet I do not want my boys to eat coloured ham, so I ended up asking them not to eat the blue ham, felt rather guilty thereafter for wasting food. -_-

Luigi and Yoshi bento were made on another day, ran out of time to make them on the same day as Super Mario. I seriously have no idea how I can make so many bentos in a day previously. -_- The side dishes that day were potato with minced pork and chicken veggie roll. Super mushroom is made from quail eggs, ham and nori.

Luigi was made using similar ingredients as Mario. Yoshi was rice wrapped in blanched veggie, with details done using carrot, ham and nori.

Same dilemma with the blue ham here, my boys remembered and asked whether they should eat the blue ham, so I told them not to again. -_- I should try soaking the ham in butterfly pea water next time and see whether it can be coloured blue this way.
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  1. Love these bentos! Awesome details! I wonder if the ham will get very soggy after being soaked in the butterfly pea flowers water, do update if you have tried it.

    1. Yah, no idea too, also don't know how the color will turn out.

  2. Mario is one of my childhood favorite game too^^
    What a cute & delicious bentos!! 孩子们真幸福!

  3. OMG, they are both soooo cute Ming! I love the colors and detailings!


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