Wednesday 24 June 2015

Minions 2015 Food Art

So happy the Minions are back again, and with their very own movie this time, lol. I made quite a few Minions bentos previously. I love making them so much that I had to restrain myself from making more. You can check out my previous creations here.

To start off, here's my first Minion food art of Stuart, Kevin and Bob, inspired by the movie poster.

The side dishes were teriyaki chicken tofu patties, tamagoyaki and shimeji mushrooms stir-fried with asparagus.

The Minions were made from rice coloured with mashed egg yolk, cheese and nori. The sign Minion Kevin is holding onto was actually a toasted wrap and I wrote on it using a black food marker.

There are so many different outfits for the Minions in this movie and I think this one is one of my favourite. So hilarious, especially the one with the starfish, lol.

The side dishes for this were grilled salmon and broccoli stir-fried with mushrooms.

The Minions were made from rice coloured with egg yolk, cucumbers, cheese, nori and coriander. Can you spot the banana one of the Minion is holding onto? The mini banana was made form rice and egg sheet. The speech bubble is actually a food pick but the words were added on digitally.

You will probably be seeing more Minions creations from me, have so many ideas, but I'm a little lazy to make them now as it's almost the end of school holidays. Maybe I'll be more hardworking next week when school starts.


  1. it all and so amazing details ^_^

  2. 哇!两款都好可爱!!好精致,太棒了!

  3. Yep I definitely had Minion fever that week the movie came out, LOL. Your Minions food art is awesome, I love that fella with the starfish too!

  4. Hi Ming, could you tell me where you got the cute plates? I really love the ones with knives and forks pattern on it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Junyi, I bought the plates from Tokyu hands. :)


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